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Welcome to the Lat34North, Historic Markers Across Tennessee. The Tennessee Historical Commission is administratively attached to the Department of Environment and Conservation. Its mission is to relate the history of the state and historic preservation. The Commission was originally established as the “Tennessee Historical Committee” in 1919."[1]

The serial numbers which appear on the markers are for administrative purposes: the first numeral of the serial number denotes the highway divisions in the map on the below. The letter which follows indicates the district within its division, a district being composed of from three to five adjoining counties. The one or two digit number following this letter indicates the order in which the marker was erected within the designated district. [2]

TN Counties

County Line Markers
State and County line markers will be found where most state highways cross county boundaries or end at state lines. They are numbered chronologically, as installed, within such division and district, and their numbers do not distinguish them from purely historical markers.[3]

Agencies that install Historic markers in Tennessee.

Some statistical information on the Lat34North Tennessee Historic Marker Data Base.

  Number of Counties in Tennessee: 95
  Total Number of Markers listed on this site: 4384
  Total Number of Markers with text on this site: 4373
  Total Number of Markers noted as missing: 15
  Total Number of Markers noted as being removed: 24
  Total Number of Markers about African Americans listed on this site: 488
  Total Number of Markers with links to other sites: 2850


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* Lat34North does not include the Tablets installed on the Chickamauga/Chattanooga battlefield by the War Department in the 1890s. The tablets and many monuments on the Battlefield can be found on the Civil War Battle Field Monuments (CWBFM.org) site and HMDB.org.

The various indicators on the database were all set manually. They may not be 100 % correct, but should give a fair estimate of the subject matter for all of the historic markers contained on this site.