Historic Markers Across
South Carolina

Welcome to the Lat34North, Historic Markers Across South Carolina. The South Carolina Historical Marker Program, originally the South Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program, was authorized by an act of the South Carolina General Assembly in 1905 creating the Historical Commission of South Carolina with authority "to have direction and control of the marking of historic sites, or houses, or localities." The program was officially established in 1936 when a marker was erected near the site of the Long Cane Massacre near Troy, in McCormick County. More than 1000 markers have been erected by the program since that time. Since 1954 the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, as the successor state agency to the Historical Commission of South Carolina, has been responsible for the program as part of the Historical Services Division. The enabling legislation creating the Department of Archives and History gave it the responsibility for "the approval of the inscriptions for all historical markers or other monuments erected on state highways or other state property."[1]

Agencies that install Historic markers in South Carolina.

Some statistical information on the Lat34North South Carolina Historic Marker Data Base.

  Number of Counties in South Carolina: 46
  Total Number of Markers listed on this site: 2400
  Total Number of Markers with text on this site: 2400
  Total Number of Markers noted as missing: 10
  Total Number of Markers noted as being removed: 0
  Total Number of Markers about African Americans listed on this site: 248
  Total Number of Markers with links to other sites: 1280


  1. South Carolina Historical Marker Program    [Online] https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zZJ7erT7yJaI.k6BuZnqZzTFk