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Welcome to the Lat34North, Historic Markers Across Florida. The Florida Historical Markers program was created in 1960. The purpose of the program is to increase public awareness of the rich cultural heritage of the state and to enhance the enjoyment of historic sites in Florida by its citizens and tourists. Through this program, historic markers and plaques are placed at sites of historical and visual interest to visitors in recognition of historic resources, persons or events that are significant in the areas of architecture, archaeology, Florida history and traditional culture.[1]

Agencies that install Historic markers in Florida.

Some statistical information on the Lat34North Florida Historic Marker Data Base.

  Number of Counties in Florida: 67
  Total Number of Markers listed on this site: 4208
  Total Number of Markers with text on this site: 4198
  Total Number of Markers noted as missing: 45
  Total Number of Markers noted as being removed: 7
  Total Number of Markers about African Americans listed on this site: 549
  Total Number of Markers with links to other sites: 3559


  1. Historical Markers in Alachua County, Florida
       [Online] This site can no longer be reached