Coffee County (16)

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Coffee County was created on 1841.

The county seat is in Elba, AL.,
and the county is 679 sq mi Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 01031

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There are 19 Historic Markers in Coffee County.

Arwood School Site   -   AHA 
  on County Road 248 west of New Brockton, AL WMR1F5      

Battle Branch   -    
  On State Route 87, north of Co. Rd 477, Elba, AL WME9V6      

Boll Weevil Monument   -   AHA 
  East College & South Main Streets, Enterprise  WM3V9D      

City of Elba   -   ABT 
  at the intersection of Factory Street and Buford Street, Elba, AL WME5XZ      

Clintonville Academy   -   AHA 
  Hwy 51 at Co. Rd. 259   WME9V1      

Curtis School   -   AHC 
  Alabama 141, Elba, AL WME9FE      

Enterprise Academy Founded 1904   -   AHA 
  South Carroll Street, Enterprise WMK1F8      

Enterprise Depot   -   AHC 
  At the old Depot on Railroad St., Enterprise, AL WM3WCB      

First United Methodist Church Earliest Church in Elba   -   AHA 
  Courthouse Square, Elba, AL WMACQJ      

First United Methodist Church   -   AHC 
  South Main Street, Enterprise, AL WME9FK      

Folsom Birthplace   -   DAR 
  329 Putnam Street, Elba, AL WMR0V6      

Folsom Estate   -    
  329 Putnam Street, Elba, AL      

Historic Court Square   -   AHA 
  Coffee County Courthouse, Elba, AL WMAB7G      

Holloway Tabernacle Church   -   AHA 
  Convergence of Co. Rds. 639 and 646, southwest of Enterprise       

Holloway Tabernacle Church Est. 1912   -   AHC 
  in front of the church on County Road 639 southwest of Enterprise, AL WMR1FE      

Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church   -   AHA 
  Hwy 27 south of Enterprise, AL   WME9TP      

Rawls Hotel   -   AHA 
  South Main Street, Enterprise, AL WME9V0      

Wellborn   -   AHA 

Wellborn   -   AHA 
  County Road 544, west of Enterprise, AL WMR1F9      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.


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