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Battle of Resaca

Marker ID: GHM 155-2
Location: US 41 immediately north of Whitfield County Line
County: Whitfield
Coordinates: N 34° 36.981    W 084° 56.961
  34.61634858    -84.94935
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM4BKH
Battle of Resaca Marker  


At this point the entrenched line of Stanley´s (1st) Div., 4th A.C. [USA] crossed the highway, facing Hood´s line [CSA] 0.5 mi. South.

May 14, 1864: 0.4 mi. E. (near Nance´s Spring) Hood´s rt. [CSA] made a spirited attack on Stanley´s left, [USA] which was foiled by timely arrival of 20th Corps troops [USA].

May 15: Hood´s rt. [CSA] attacked 1st Div., 20th A.C. [USA] near State R.R., E., & the 2d & 3d Divs., failing to break Hood´s line [USA] in their front, captured Corput´s 4~ gun battery.



This was the first major battle of the Atlanta Campaign and is described by several historical markers scattered throughout the community. Aligned upon the hills north and west of Resaca, Confederates withstood repeated assaults between May 13-15, 1864. On May 16, Gen. Johnston withdrew from Resaca on a pontoon bridge. Two miles north of Resaca, east of US Hwy 41, is a cemetery, established after the war for the Confederate soldiers who fell at the Battle of Resaca. This battle is reenacted annually the third weekend of May.

On May 15th, Union forces attacked the confederate line here but failed to break the confederate line.`