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Georgia Vocational and Trades School

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Location: On Hwy 11 just north of Walker Park Dr, about 3 miles north of Monroe, GA.
County: Walton
Coordinates: N 33° 50.148    W 083° 43.876
  33.8358    -83.73126666
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: WM6V8E
Georgia Vocational and Trades School Marker
Photo by ChapterhouseInc


Formerly known as the 5th District A&M School established 1908
Georgia Vocational and Trades School, formerly knows as the 5th District A&M School, a predatory institution provided learning and education of the highest character for young boys and girls throughout the State of Georgia who were privileged to take advantage of its splendid offerings. This institution offered to at the rate of $0.10 per hour for all labor of all sorts. Its graduates have distinguished themselves in the professions and politics, and as housewives and in all walks of life. The Monroe A&M Alumni Association is proud to have a part in the establishment of marker. Those who have served as President of this institution were:

CC Adams 1908-1911
RO Powell Fall of 1911
J Henry Walker 1912-1933
David I Barron 1934-1942

This marker has been gratefully donated by the family of Thomas R Breedlove, distinguished graduate of this institution´s graduating class, The class of 1909.

Presented to the Fifth district A&M School by the Class of 1926

Georgia Vocational and Trades School
Photo by ChapterhouseInc