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Pemberton's Chemical House

Marker ID: HCC 
County: Muscogee
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


Pemberton's Chemical House

(Side 1)
In November 1865, Dr. John S. Pemberton announced, "the storm of war was over and commerce was bright." He was launching his largest enterprise to date, the Eagle Drug & Chemical House, as part of J. S. Pemberton & Co., wholesale druggists. His partner Dr. Austin M. Walker provided capital, while Pemberton went to New York City and personally selected $20,000 worth of stock. His ads detail the chemicals, drugs, fancy goods, and perfumes from Paris and Persia, and furniture for druggists and physicians sold by the establishment.

(Side 2)
Dr. Pemberton and chemist William J. Land tested the purity of ingredients, mixed drugs, and developed new products. Pemberton's Columbus creations included "Sweet Southern Bouquet" perfume, Globe Flower Cough Syrup, Stillingia, "a blood purifier," Indian Queen Hair Dye, Triplex Liver Pills, and Prescription 47-11 for rheumatism. His tonic, French Wine of Coca, became Coca-Cola. After moving to Atlanta, Pemberton opened extensive labs there. Later Pemberton's laboratories were incorporated into the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Erected by Historic Columbus Foundation, Inc.
and The Historic Chattahoochee Commission 2015


93 Broad Street in 1865, determining accurate current day location