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A Crew Of Sky Queen

Marker ID:  
Location: ighty Eighth Air Force Museum, 175 Bourne Avenue, Pooler, GA
County: Chatham
Coordinates: N 32° 6.96    W 081° 14.255
  32.116    -81.23758333
Style: Mounted **
Waymark: None


91st     324th
BG      BS
A Crew Of Sky Queen

1st Lt George McEwen P
2nd Lt Frank Fornaca CP
2nd Lt Edward Hoevet B
F/O John Dickson N
S/Sgt Robert Cleveland E
S/Sgt Richard Hanley R
Sgt John Unger BTG
Sgt Robert Dean WG
Sgt Charles Eichert TG
We did not fly the Mighty Eighth's
First Mission
But we flew its last - April 20, 1945

Station 121                Bassingbourn