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Marker ID:  
Location: on the grounds of the Georgia State Railroad Museum, 655 Louisville Road, Savannah, GA
County: Chatham
Coordinates: N 32° 4.517    W 081° 6.133
  32.07528333    -81.10221666
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WMKDB3
Storehouse Marker  


This Storehouse was constructed in 1925 to hold a wide variety of supplies used by the railroad.

Storehouse stock included tools and parts necessary to work on train cars, but also the many items needed to run the Central of Georgia's "miniature city". Orderly arrangements of thousands of items in bins and shelves was critical. In 1926, years before computers, this was a job for the storekeeper, four clerks and a stenographer. The nuts, bolts, and other items needed to build or repair passenger cars were arranged by the American Railway Association classification system. The Storehouse also contained a Multigraph Department for printing forms, letterhead, and other paperwork necessary for the railroad's operation.

Selected Storehouse items 1926
• Locomotive parts
• Upholstery cloth
• Fire brick
• Bolts, nuts, washers
• Housekeeping supplies
• Copper ingots
• First aid kits
• Stationery
• Oxalic Acid
• Pig tin
• Concrete mixings
• Pumice, rosin, glue
• Signal flags

Photo by Don Morfe