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Marker ID:  
Location: on the grounds of the Georgia State Railroad Museum, 655 Louisville Road, Savannah, GA
County: Chatham
Coordinates: N 32° 04.517    W 081° 06.117
  32.07528333    -81.10195
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WMKDEB
Smokestack Marker  


This Smokestack served dual purposes.

Underground flues connect the stack to the Boiler Room and Blacksmith Shop. This system operated on the Bernoulli Principle. The height of the stack enabled wind and pressure to create a vacuum and draw smoke through the tunnels and out of the building. The hot air created by the boiler expanded and rose, contributing to this effect. This also brought fresh air in the boiler, creating a hotter fire. The stack contained a large water reservoir behind the iron panels that held water needed by the shops. The base of the stack housed 16 privies (toilets) and changing rooms for workers.

Smokestack Trivia
* 125 feet tall
* 14 foot tall water tank
* Contained 16 privies
* Tank held 40,000 gallons
* Foundation of 120 cedar pilings