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Colored Shopmen's Locker & Lavatory

Marker ID:  
Location: on the grounds of the Georgia State Railroad Museum, 655 Louisville Road, Savannah, GA
County: Chatham
Coordinates: N 32° 4.533    W 081° 6.1
  32.07555    -81.10166666
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WMKDB1
Colored Shopmen's Locker & Lavatory Marker  


The railroad provided separate washroom facilities for whites and African-Americans.

Facilities and opportunities were quite different for black and white people historically in the segregated South. Jim Crow laws required "separate but equal" public facilities. The Central of Georgia railroad was no exception. Typically, African-Americans held labor and trade jobs, with limited opportunities for advancement. African-American railroad employees formed their own social and professional organizations.

This washroom served African-Americans, while a washroom for white workers as located near the Worker' Garden. Washrooms at the site provided shower, lockers, and changing facilities. "White" and "Colored" signs defined these spaces, the same way the signs on the right marked foundations at the rail shops.


Colored Shopmen's Locker & Lavatory