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Military Service Road

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Location: Located at the Allatoona Pass Battlefield on Old Allatoona Rd, Allatoona, GA.
County: Bartow
Coordinates: N 34° 06.971    W 084° 42.903
  34.11618333    -84.71505
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WM942K
Military Service Road Marker  


The Federal defenses at Allatoona included a military service road that crossed the Tennessee Wagon Road at this point. The military road connected the fortified positions at the Eastern Redoubt on the right side with positions closer to the railroad cut on the left.

The Tennessee Wagon Road continued north past a mill and crossed Allatoona Creek in the valley below. Today the valley lies under the waters of Lake Allatoona. Prior to the battle, Union forces utilized the mill dam to flood the valley causing difficulty for Sears´ Mississippi Brigade as they maneuvered to gain position for the morning attack.

Picture on the marker:
This engraving shows a Federal military supply wagon driven by African Americans. During the war, both sides used civilian labor. Many in the African Americans used by northern forces were freed slaves.

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Military Service Road


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