Wilkinson County (158)

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Wilkinson County was created on May 11, 1803.

The county seat is in Irwinton, GA.,
and the county is 452.6 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13319

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There are 16 Historic Markers in Wilkinson County.

Ball's Ferry   -   GHM 158-10
  Ga 57 at the Oconee River, Toomsboro, GA   

Cotton Gin   -    
  on Prater Mill Road NE (Georgia Route 2), Varnell, GA      

Gordon   -    R12
  90 Jackson St, Gordon, GA      

He Wouldn't Run   -   GHM 158-1
  Ga 243 near Ga 18 in Gordon, GA WM7TAV   

In Memory of J. Rufus Kelly   -   UDC 
  90 Jackson St, Gordon, GA      

Intersection of Many Roads   -   DAR 
  US 80 at GA 112 in Allentown, Wilkinson County   

Major John Hatcher (1757-1835)   -   GHS 158-1
  on Ga 112 7.5 miles north of Toomsboro, GA WM82T0   

McIntyre   -   GHM 158-5
  Ga 57 just west of Irwinton, GA WM8192   

Ramah Church   -   GHM 158-3
  Ga 57 about 1/4 mile east of Ga 18 near Gordon, GA WM7TAN   

Robert Toombs   -   UDC 
  On GA 122, north of Irwinton Rd (GA 57), Toomsboro, GA.   

The Evacuation of Gordon   -   GHM 158-8
  Ga 243 near Ga 18 in Gordon, GA WM7TBA   

The March to the Sea   -   GHM 158-6
  Ga 57 in Irwinton, GA WM4646   

The March to the Sea   -   GHM 158-7B
  Ga 243 near Ga 18 in Gordon, GA WM7TB6   

The Stoneman Raid   -   GHM 158-3B
  Ga 243 near Ga 18 in Gordon, GA WM7TB2   

Toombsboro   -   GHM 158-9
  Ga 57 at Ga 112 just south of Toombsboro, GA   

Wilkinson County   -   GHM 158-7
  Courthouse in Irwinton, GA WM48W2   


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