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Wilkes County was created on Feb. 5, 1777.

The county seat is in Washington, GA.,
and the county is 474 Square Miles in area.

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There are 67 Historic Markers in Wilkes County.

1800s - 1838 Plantation Manor House   -    
  210 S. Alexander Ave, Washington, GA   

1814 Norris House   -    
  201 South Alexander Avenue, Washington, GA      

1817 Site of first Wilks County Courthouse   -    
  Courthouse Square in front of Courthouse, Washington, GA   

1820 Early Classic Revival House   -    
  215 East Robert Toombs Avenue, Washington, GA   

1820 Toombs-Anderson House   -    
  211 E. Robert Toombs Ave, Washington, GA   

1824 Planters Hotel --
  West Robert Toombs Ave, Washington, GA   

1828 Chandler-Irvin   -    
  15 Lexington Ave, Washington, GA   

1840 Classical Revival   -    
  West Robert Toombs Ave, Washington, GA   

1898 Greek Revival Style   -    
  210 W. Robert Toombs Ave. Washington, GA   

1903 Cupola Twin Chimneys   -    
  218 E. Robert Toombs Ave, Washington, GA   

1903 Queen Anne Style   -    
  218 E. Robert Toombs Ave, Washington, GA   

1911 Wilkes County Jail   -    
  on Jefferson St north of East Court St, Washington, GA   

Abram Simons House - Missing --
  -   GHM 157-8
  US 378 about 8 miles SE of Washington, GA   

Bank of State of Georgia   -    
  Wall outside of Courthouse entrance, Washington, GA   

Battle of Kettle Creek   -   GHM 157-15
  Northwest of Ga 44 intersection at War Hill on Kettle Creek WM6RFJ   

Battle of Kettle Creek - Missing   -   WPA US 78 D-10
  on US 78 6 miles SW of Washington, GA   

Bishop James Osgood Andrew   -   UMC 
  on Andrew Drive near Spring St (Ga 47) in Washington, GA WM6R9G   

Bolton Factory   -    
  intersection of East Court Street and East Square, Washington, GA   

Campbell Home   -   GHM 157-5
  Liberty St between S. Alexander Ave and Jefferson St, Washington, GA WM6RA2   

Clarke's Creek Encampment   -   GHM 157-22
  Jackson's Crossroads west of Tignall and north of US 78 WM6RPP   

Columbus Granade   -    
  at the intersection of Beaverdam Rd (County Route 64) and Columbus Granade (County Route 65), Washington, GA   

Erected 1820 George Walton   -    
  219 E. Robert Toombs Ave, Washington, GA   

First Court North of Augusta   -   GHM 157-17
  Ga 44 at Sandtown, GA WM6RPV   

First Methodist Church   -   GHM 157-20
  S. Liberty & Spring Sts at the church WM6REZ   

First Presbyterian Ordination in Georgia   -   GHM 157-18
  Poplar Drive 0.4 mile south of US 78/Ga 10, Washington, GA WM6RBJ   

Fishing Creek Baptist Church   -   GHM 157-26
  About 1/4 mile west of Ga 44 at Sandtown WM6RXQ   

Fort Washington Park   -   CWsh 
  In Fort Washington Park behind courthouse, Washington, GA WMZP8   

Gilbert-Alexander House   -   GHM 157-3
  Alexander Drive near Alexander Street, Washington, GA WM6RBK   

Grant's Meeting House   -   GHM 157-25
  Ga 80, 1.4 miles south of junction with US 78 WM6R9F   

Heard's Fort (Early Georgia Capital)   -   GHM 157-16
  Ga 44 at Mile Marker 20, about 1 mile south of Sandtown, GA WM6RXX   

Historic Dugas Home   -   GHM 157-2
  Opposite 308 E. Robert Toombs Ave, Washington, GA WM6T6K   

Holly Court   -   GHM 157-13
  Alexander Avenue at Water Street, Washington, GA WM6RBC   

Holly Court   -    
  301 S. Alexander at Water St, Washington, GA   

Home of Robert Toombs   -   GHM 157-30
  216 E Robert Toombs Avenue in Washington, GA WM3MME   

Home of Robert Toombs - Replaced   -   WPA US 78 D-12
  216 E. Robert Toombs Ave, Washington, GA   

Home of Sarah Hillhouse   -   GHM 157-32
  205 East Robert Toombs Ave (US 278), Washington, GA WM6RB7   

Independence United Methodist Church   -   UMC 
  At church in Tignall (just west of Ga 17) WM6RPR   

Jefferson Davis   -   GHM 157-12
  In front of courthouse, Washington, GA WM2387   

Jesse Mercer's Home   -   GHM 157-10
  US 78/Ga 10 west of business district, Washington, GA WM6RFF   

Kettle Creek Battlefield   -   DAR 
  Marker can be reached from War Hill Rd 1.5 miles south of Tyrone RD, Washington, GA   

Kettle Creek Battleground   -   GHM 157-24
  Ga 44 at intersection 3 miles from Taliferro County line WM13W0   

Lowe Building   -    
  22 East Robert Toombs Ave, Washington GA      

Mary Willis Library   -   GHS 157-1
  at 204 East Liberty St., Washington, GA WM6R9H   

Old Inn Site   -   GHM 157-4
  On Robert Toombs Ave at the square in Washington, GA WM6RF3   

Pembroke --
  217 W. Robert Toombs Ave., Washington, GA   

Phillips Mills Baptist Church   -   GHM 157-23
  Ga 44 1.7 miles from the Taliaferro County line WM6RFN   

Pope's Chapel United Methodist Church   -   UMC 
  3.2 mi N of Tignall on Ga 17, then R 3.8 mi, then R 0.2 WM7J96   

Rock Methodist Church Wilkes County   -   GHM 157-14
  US 78/Ga 10 about 2 miles west of Rayle, GA WM1KHY   

Site of Presbyterian Poplar   -    
  Poplar Drive (Georgia Route 17) 0.1 miles south of Alexander Dr., Washington, GA   

Site of Wilkes County Academy   -   GHM 157-27
  US 78B/Ga 10B near Ga 44 in Washington, GA WM6RFD   

Smyrna Church   -   GHM 157-19
  US 378/Ga 47 about 5 miles southeast of Washington, GA WM3MMG   

Smyrna Churchyard   -   GHM 157-7
  US 378/Ga 47 about 5 miles southeast of Washington, GA WM3MMH   

Smyrna Methodist Church   -    
  100 S Smyrna Church Rd, Washington, GA      

The Battle of Kettle Creek   -   DAR 
  War Hill Rd 1.5 miles south of Tyrone Rd, Washington, GA   

The Cedars   -   GHM 157-6
  Sims Street at North Jefferson Street, Washington, GA WM6RFE   

The Dissolution of the Confederate Government   -    
  23 Court St, Washington GA      

The Episcopal Church of the Mediator   -    
  23 Court St, Washington GA      

The Rev. John Springer   -   GHM 157-29
  Ga 17 about 3.7 miles north of Washington, GA WM6RYD   

The Tupper House   -   GHM 157-1
  Robert Toombs Ave and Allison St, Washington, GA   

The Village of Danburg   -    
  at the intersection of Bradford Rd (County Route 132) and Danburg Rd, Tignall, GA   

Walnut Hill Academy   -   GHM 157-28
  Ga 17 about 3.7 miles north of Washington, GA WM6RY9   

Washington Presbyterian Church   -   GHM 157-21
  Robert Toombs Ave at E. Liberty St, Washington, GA WM6RA3   

Washington Wilkes First   -    
  Base of clock tower on Courthouse Square, Washington, GA   

Washington-Wilkes Historical Museum   -   GHM 157-31
  East Robert Toombs Ave at Grove St, Washington, GA WM6RBE   

Wilkes County   -   GHM 157-11
  Courthouse in Washington, GA WM2388   

Wilkes County Courthouses   -    
  Courthouse Square in front of Courthouse, Washington, GA   

Wisteria Hall 1795   -    
  225 E. Robert Toombs Ave, Washington, GA      


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