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Whitfield County was created on Feb. 30, 1851.

The county seat is in Dalton, GA.,
and the county is 290.7 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13313

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There are 57 Historic Markers in Whitfield County.

African-American Soldiers in Combat   -   GHS  155-3
  Fort Hill School, 104 Fort Hill Terrace, downtown Dalton, GA WMAD9Z    P*

Ascent to Dug Gap   -   GHM 155-12
  Dug Gap & E. Dug Gap Mtn Roads, S of Walnut & just E of I-75 WM64EV    P*

Atlanta Campaign Rocky Face Ridge May 7-12, 1864   -   USDI 
  At State Patrol office on US 41 north of I75, Rocky Face WM4BN6    P*

Babb's Settlement   -   GHM 155-9
  at Mill Creek Road at Babb's Rd near the Mill Creek Cemetery. WM621J    P*

Battle of Dug Gap   -   GHM 155-10
  at Mill Creek Road at Babb's Rd near the Mill Creek Cemetery WM621E    P*

Battle of Resaca   -   GHM 155-1
  US 41 about .4 mile N of Gordon County line at the church WM4BKX    P*

Battle of Resaca   -   GHM 155-2
  US 41 immediately north of Whitfield County Line WM4BKH    P*

Battle of Resaca   -   GHM 155-3
  on Chitwood Road ¾ mile east of Dixie Road (U.S. 41), Resaca, GA. WM4BKN    P*

Battle of Resaca   -   GHM 155-4
  Private side road S from E. Nance Spring Rd, .4 mi E of US41 WM4BKN    P*

Battles of Tilton   -   GHM 155-33
  US 41 at Tilton Road WM683    P*

Callaway Place-1814   -   GHM 155-29C
  Ga 201 at Gordon Springs Road WM4BNP    P*

Campaign for Atlanta: Johnston's Review   -   GHS 155-2
  at Ridge and Cuyler Streets, Dalton, GA WM6JX    P*

Clisby Austin House   -   GHM 155-25
  At the railroad tracks at Oak St in Tunnel Hill WM6218    P*

Confederate Cemetery   -   GHM 155-31
  Near old Chapel in cemetery at Cuyler & Ridge Sts, Dalton WM3CAE    P*

Confederate Defense of Mill Creek Gap   -   GHM 155-14
  Across RR tracks from Dalton Alumina Co on Rocky Face RR St WM680    P*

Cotton Gin   -    
  Prater Mill Road NE (Georgia Route 2), Varnell, GA      

Crow Valley   -   GHM 155-21
  Reed Pond Rd & Crow Valley Rd, due west of Waring WM4BNM    P*

Crow Valley   -    
  intersection of Poplar Springs Rd and Kittle Rd, Dalton, GA      

Dr. Anderson's House   -   GHM 155-6
  Dunnagan Rd W of Ga 201, 3.7 mi from US 41, near Liberty Church WM4BNJ    P*

Dr. Lacewell’s Office   -    
  Prater Mill Road NE (Georgia Route 2), Varnell, GA      

Dug Gap   -   GHM 155-11
  entrance to the Dug Gap Battle Park on Dug Gap Battle Road WM4BND    P*

Dug Gap -- 1 Mile -->   -   GHM 155-34
  Dug Gap Battle Rd. at the Visitors and Convention Center west of I-75. WM4BN9    P*

Fort Hill   -    
  104 Fort Hill Terrace, Dalton, GA      

Geary's Division to Dug Gap   -   GHM 155-8
  Ga 201 at the Walker County line WM621D    P*

General Cleburne's Proposal to Arm Slaves   -   GHS  155-4
  314 N. Selvidge Street, Dalton, GA WMCB1C    P*

General Johnston Headquarters   -    
  314 N. Selvidge Street, Dalton, GA    P*

George Disney's Grave   -   GHM 155-16
  At State Patrol office on US 41 north (west) of I 75, Rocky Face WM67T    P*

George Whitefield   -   GHM 155-28
  Courthouse in Dalton WM4BNX    P*

Hamilton House   -   GHM 155-17
  Chattanooga Avenue and Matilda Street, Dalton, GA WM67Y    P*

Harris' Gap   -   GHM 155-26
  New Hope Rd just east of Crow Valley Rd WM4BN1    P*

Historic Red Clay   -   GHM 155-34A
  Ga 71 at the road to Red Clay P*

Historic Varnell Home   -   GHM 155-32
  Ga 201 in the south edge of Varnell WM4424    P*

Johnny Marcus Memorial Loop   -    
  At bank on Tibbs at Walnut E of I-75, Dalton WM4BME    P*

McCarty Subdivision   -   GHS 155-1
  Willow Park Drive & Walnut Ave., Dalton, GA (Replaced by GHS 151-3)   

Military Operations in Crow Valley   -   GHM 155-23
  Reed Rd 1.6 miles north of Reed Pond Rd WM4BMT    P*

Mill Creek Gap   -   GHM 155-13
  Mill Creek Gap on Old US 41 between US 41 & Rocky Face RR St WM67Z    P*

Mill Creek Gap   -   GHM 155-13D
  State Patrol HQ on US 41 N of I-75 at Rocky Face WM4BNB    P*

North Line Dalton's Defenses   -   GHM 155-19
  Haig Mill Rd. 100 yds S of Poplar Church Rd. WM620P    P*

Old Federal Road   -   GHM 155-29B
  Ga 71 at junction with Ga 2 near Varnell WM7V1    P*

Prater's Mill   -    
  Prater Mill Road NE (Georgia Route 2), Varnell, GA      

Prater’s Mill   -    
  Prater Mill Road NE (Georgia Route 2), Varnell, GA      

Prater’s Mill and The Civil War   -    
  Prater Mill Road NE (Georgia Route 2), Varnell, GA      

Prater’s Mill Store   -    
  Prater Mill Road NE (Georgia Route 2), Varnell, GA      

R.R. Wood Station   -   GHM 155-5
  Nance Spring Rd and Gracie Rd, east of US 41 WM4BM2    P*

Schofield's 23d Corps in Crow Valley   -   GHM 155-22
  on Brent Road at Reed Rd. WM61WG    P*

Site: Ault's Mill   -   GHM 155-18
  on a short dead end street off of Haig Mill Rd. north of Dalton, GA, at the reservoir WM620K    P*

Stevenson's Line   -   GHM 155-20
  Crow Valley Rd north of Willowdale Road WM4BNG    P*

Stevenson's Line   -   GHM 155-20
  50 yards S of Poplar Church Rd .1 mile E of Crow Valley Rd WM620D    P*

The Blunt House   -   GHM 155-30
  US 41 in Dalton WM6R6    P*

The Chase and a Battle   -   GHM 
  805 Tilton Road, at Tilton Church Road, just west of Tilton. WM7FF    P*

The Flooded Gap   -   GHM 155-15
  On abandoned strip of old US 41 at Mill Creek WM67X    P*

The McCarty Subdivision   -   GHS  151-3
  Willow Park Drive at Walnut Ave, Dalton (Replaced GHS 155-1) WM64FW    P*

Tristram Dalton   -   GHM 155-29
  At City Hall, Pentz and King Sts, Dalton, GA WM4BMM    P*

Tunnel Hill   -   GHM 155-24
  At the railroad tracks at Oak St in Tunnel Hill WM6216    P*

Twentieth Corps in Dogwood Valley   -   GHM 155-7
  Ga 201 at Gordon Springs Road WM4BNT    P*

Water Turbine   -    
  Prater Mill Road NE (Georgia Route 2), Varnell, GA      

Western & Atlantic Railroad Tunnel   -   GHM 155-36
  At railroad crossing at Oak St in Tunnel Hill WM6213    P*


M  - The marker is missing.
P  - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page.
P* - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page and I have personally visited this marker.
R  - The marker has been removed.

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