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Troup County was created on June 9, 1825 .

The county seat is in La Grange, GA.,
and the county is 446 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13285

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There are 28 Historic Markers in Troup County.

Battle of West Point-April 16, 1865   -   GHM 141-1
  On US 29 median at W 8th Street in downtown West Point WM4P86    P*

Bellevue   -   GHM 141-8
  Broad Street at Ben Hill Street, LaGrange WM5DNY    P*

Bellevue, Home of Sen. Benjamin Harvey Hill   -   GHM 141-9
  McLendon Circle at Ben Hill Street, LaGrange WM4PHG    P*

Confederate Dead   -   GHM 141-12
  Front of Cemetery, Miller St near Douglas St, LaGrange WM4Q03    P*

Dr. Ulrich Bonnell Phillips-Noted Georgia Historian   -   GHM 141-15
  Vernon Street (US 29) at Park Avenue, LaGrange WM4PHJ    P*

East Depot High School   -   HCC 
  E. Depot and Daniel Streets, LaGrange WM4Q06    P*

Famous Indian Path   -   GHM 141-4
  US 29 at Glass Bridge Road, southwest of LaGrange WM4PH4    P*

Fort Tyler   -   GHM 141-2
  W 10th St at 6th Ave, West Point WM7V2G    P*

Fort Tyler   -    
  entrance gates to Fort Tyler, North 6th Ave, West Point, GA      

Fort Tyler Cemetery   -   GHM 141-3
  US 29 at Pinewood Cemetery in West Point WM4P82    P*

Fuller Earle Callaway, Sr.   -   HCC 
  Town Square, LaGrange WM4PHY    P*

Gen. Robert C. Tyler, C.S.A.   -   GHM 141-14
  US 29 at Pinewood Cemetery in West Point WM4P80    P*

George Michael Troup   -   HCC 
  Courthouse in LaGrange WM4PZV    P*

Horace King 1807-1885   -   HCC 
  West Mulberry St, Lagrange, GA      

Horace King-Bridge Builder   -   HCC 
  Located at King and Greenville Streets in LaGrange, Ga. WM4PZY    P*

Jones Crossroads   -   HCC 
  Ga 219 at Ga 18 at the Troup County line WM3VNV    P*

LaGrange College-1831   -   GHM 141-6
  Vernon Street (US 29) and Forrest Street, LaGrange WM4PHC    P*

LaGrange College-1831   -   GHM 141-7
  Broad Street at Waverly Way, LaGrange WM4PH7    P*

Lynching in America / Raising a Voice Against Racial Violence   -    
  416 East Depot St, Lagrange, GA      

Mulberry Street Cemeteries   -    
  est Mulberry St, Lagrange, GA      

Noted Indian Trail   -   GHM 141-5
  US 27 at Lower Big Springs Rd, 4.5 miles southeast of LaGrange, GA WM5DP1    P*

Ocfuskooche Tallauhassee   -   GHM 141-10
  State Line Road about 2.5 miles north of West Point WM4P8D    P*

Tenth Street School   -   HCC 
  E. Tenth St, West Point WM4P7V    P*

The Burnt Village   -   GHM 141-11
  Lower Glass Bridge Rd at Earl Cook Recreation Area P*

The Nancy Harts   -   GHM 141-13
  Courthouse in LaGrange WM4PZK    P*

Troup County Academy   -   HCC 
  US 27/29 at Franklin Street, LaGrange WM4PZP    P*

Troup Factory   -   HCC 
  Flat Shoals Creek on US 27, 10 mi S of LaGrange WM4P7Q    P*

William Hogan Plantation   -   HCC 
  Main St just NE of Maple St at Cemetery, Hoganville WM4NGW    P*


M  - The marker is missing.
P  - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page.
P* - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page and I have personally visited this marker.
R  - The marker has been removed.

Waymark of *NE - This marker is not eligible to be waymarked.


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