Taliaferro County (131)

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Taliaferro County was created on Feb. 24, 1825.

The county seat is in Crawfordville, GA.,
and the county is 195.5 Square Miles in area.

  FIPS Code: 13265

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There are 21 Historic Markers in Taliaferro County.

Alexander H. Stephens 1812-1883 - Removed   -   WPA 12 C-5
  Courthouse Square, Crawfordville, GA   

Birthplace of Alexander Hamilton Stephens   -   GHM 131-3
  NE of Crawfordville at A.H. Stephens Rd & Old Sandy Cross Rd WM6T53   

Blue Star Memorial   -   GCG 
  on Broad Street (rout 12), Crawfordville, GA   

Confederate Gun Shop   -   GHM 131-6
  US 278/Ga 12 in Robinson, GA WM6HG3   

Crawfordville Academy Alexander Stephens Institute   -   GHM 131-4
  Opposite Liberty Hall in Crawfordville, GA WM6RFP   

Crawfordville Baptist Church   -   GHM 131-11
  Opposite Liberty Hall in Crawfordville, GA WM6RFT   

Crawfordville Methodist Church   -   GHM 131-20
  Alexander and Moore Streets, Crawfordville, GA WM6RG1   

Grave of Brig. Gen. Aaron W. Grier   -   GHM 131-14
  Raytown Road between Sharon and Raytown, GA WM6T4P   

Indian Mounds - Removed   -   GHM 131-10
  US 278/Ga 12 at Robinson, GA   

Liberty Hall   -   WPA/UDC 
  456 Alexander Street NW, Crawfordville, GA

Old Tavern Site   -   GHM 131-7
  US 278/Ga 12 in Crawfordville, GA WM6RFX   

Ray's Place-Now Raytown   -   GHM 131-8
  Crossroads in Raytown, GA WM6T4V   

Raytown Methodist Church   -   GHM 131-19
  .5 mile east of Raytown crossroads on Upper Mill Road WM6T4X   

Robert Grier, Astronomer   -   GHM 131-13
  Raytown Road between Sharon and Raytown, GA WM6T4T   

Roselle Mercier Montgomery   -   GHM 131-17
  Alexander and Commerce Streets, Crawfordville, GA WM6RFZ   

Site of Childhood Home of Richard Malcolm Johnston   -   GHM 131-16
  Opposite Liberty Hall in Crawfordville, GA WM6RFW   

Site of Chivers Plantation and Store   -   GHM 131-15
  At Sandy Cross about 5 miles NE of Crawfordville, GA WM6T4Z   

South Liberty Presbyterian Church   -   GHM 131-12
  Ga 269 in Sharon, GA WM6T4M   

Taliaferro County   -   GHM 131-1
  Courthouse in Crawfordville, GA WMZP1   

The Church of the Purification Locust Grove Academy   -   GHM 131-5
  Ga 47 in Sharon, GA WM6T4N   

The Common Road of the English Following Old Indian Trail   -   GHM 131-9
  across from the Courthouse in Crawfordville, GA WMZP2   


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