Talbot County (130)

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Talbot County was created on Feb. 14, 1827.

The county seat is in Talbotton, GA.,
and the county is 394.8 Square Miles in area.

  FIPS Code: 13263

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There are 15 Historic Markers in Talbot County.

1831 Talbotton United Methodist Church   -   UMC 
  Ga 41/US 80 just north of College St, Talbotton WM6V9D   

Double Bridges   -   GHM 130-2
  Ga 36 about 2 miles NE of Pleasant Hill at Old Alabama Road      

Elizabeth Evelyn Wright   -   GHS 130-1
  67 E Taylor St, Talbotton, GA      

First Session Supreme Court of Georgia   -   GHM 130-1
  Courthouse in Talbotton WM6V3M   

George Washington Towns   -   GHM 130-9
  Courthouse in Talbotton WM6V9W   

Marshall's Reserve - Removed/Missing --
  -   WPA 
  S of Woodland, at junction, Ga 41   

Old Belleview   -   GHM 130-3
  Ga 41 about one mile south of Woodland WM6VA4   

Old Federal Road   -   GHM 133-3B
  Marker is on Georgia Route 208 - 0.4 miles east of Buckner Road WM6VA3   

Old Federal Road   -   GHM 
  Ga 208 opposite old house near Taylor County line      

Straus Home Site   -   GHM 130-6
  Harrison St at Jefferson Ave in Talbotton WM6V3W   

Straus Home Site   -   GHM 130-7
  Ga 41 about 1 block N of the courthouse in Talbotton   

Straus Home Site   -   GHM 130-8
  Ga 208 opposite the NW corner of the courthouse, Talbotton WM6V3T   

Talbot County   -   GHM 130-5
  Courthouse in Talbotton WM7CE4   

William Bartram Trail Traced 1773-1777   -   GCG 
  Ga 41/US 80 at Zion Episcopal Church, Talbotton WM6V47   

Zion Episcopal Church Erected 1848   -   GHM 130-2
  Ga 41/US 80 in Talbotton at the church WM6V99   


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