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Richmond County was created on Feb. 5, 1777.

The county seat is in Augusta, GA.,
and the county is 328.5 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13245

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There are 120 Historic Markers in Richmond County.

1806 Eve 1877   -    
  598 Telfair at Sixth Street, Augusta, GA WM2J1    P*

Accidents and Strikes at Powder Works factory --
  -   GHS 

Augusta Cotton Exchange   -    
  32 8th St, Augusta, GA      

Augusta State University   -   GHS 121-8
  on University Hall lawn, ASU, Augusta, GA WM78NC   

Author of "The Young Marooners"   -   GHM 121-6
  US 1 at Bath-Edie Road near Bath WM7AFW   

Bath - Remove --
  -   WPA  A-17
  (Old?) US 1 near Bath, about 3 miles NE of Blythe   

Bellevue   -   GHM 121-41
  At the home at Augusta College on Walton Way at Katharine St WM25C6   

Birthplace of Augusta Chronicle   -   GHM 121-35
  5th Street between Broad and Ellis Streets, Augusta, GA WM7A3K   

Birthplace of General Joseph Wheeler   -   GHM 121-43
  Wheeler and Aumond Roads, 1 mile NW of Augusta city limits WM78KW   

Blue Star Memorial --
  -   GCG 
  US 278 at Gate 1, Fort Gordon      

Blue Star Memorial Highway   -   GCG 
  Georgia Welcome Station, Westbound I-20 WM91JA   

Blue Star Memorial Highway   -   GCG 
  5th St at Reynolds, Augusta, GA WM7A44   

Blue Star Memorial Highway   -   GCG 
  US 1 (?), Fort Gordon      

Bobby Jones and the Beginning of the Grand Slam   -   GHS 121-1
  Entrance to Forest Hills Golf Club, Augusta, GA WM78KJ   

Boyhood Home of Woodrow Wilson   -   GHM 121-18
  Telfair and 7th Streets, Augusta, GA WM7A35   

Church of the Most Holy Trinity   -   GHS 121-3
  720 Telfair Street, Augusta, GA WM6XNE    P*

Colonial Fort Augusta   -   GSCD 
  on the grounds of St Pauls Church 6th and Reynolds Streets, Augusta, GA WM7AG9   

Confederate Powder Works   -   GHM 121-20
  Broad Street at the Augusta Canal, Augusta, GA WM7AB8    P*

Cotton   -    
  2 8th Street, Augusta, GA      

Curtis Baptist Church   -    
  1326 Broad St, Augusta, GA WMB0R7    P*

De L'Aigle Brick Yard   -   WPA US 1 A-11
  In the Magnolia Cemetery, at the intersection of DeLaigle Avenue and 2nd Street, Augusta, GA WM7A75   

De L'Aigle Brick Yard   -   WPA US 1 A-11
  At Magnolia Cemetery driveway, north wall of administration building, on Walton Way at 3rd Street, Augusta, GA.   

Dedicated to the Veterans of 1898 - 1902   -    
  in the median of Greene Street and 9th Street, Augusta, GA   

DeSoto In Georgia   -   GHM 121-50
  8th Street at Riverwalk (river side), Augusta, GA WM51RE   

Dr. John M. Tutt   -    
  on Laney Walker Blvd, Augusta, GA   

Emily Harvie Thomas Tubman 1794-1885   -   GHM 121-52
  719 Broad Street, Augusta, GA WM79HP   

Explosion At The Confederate Powder Works   -   GHS 121-15
  southwest side of the Eve Street Bridge at the Augusta Canal,   

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)   -   GHS 121-9
  629 Greene St., Augusta, GA WM7A2X    P*

First Ebenezer Baptist Church   -   GHS 121-7
  Ebeneezer Rd. at Windsor Spring Rd. north of Hepzibah WM7AFT   

Floods   -    
  2 8th Street, Augusta, GA      

Fort Augusta-Fort Cornwallis - replaced by GHM 121-30 --
  -   GHM 121-15
  6th and Reynolds St, Augusta, GA   

Fort Augusta-Fort Cornwallis-St. Paul's Church   -   GHM 121-30
  6th and Reynolds Streets, Augusta, GA WMJ1Q   

Fort Grierson   -   GHM 121-4
  Eleventh at Reynolds Streets, Augusta, GA WM7940   

Gen. Montgomery C. Meigs, U.S.A.   -   GHS 121-17
  662 Broad St in Augusta, GA   

Georgia R.R. and Banking Company   -   GHM 121-5
  8th Street near Telfair Street, Augusta, GA WMF1GK   

Georgia R.R. and Banking Company   -   GHM 
  Broad and 7th Street, Augusta, GA WMJH4   

Georgia's First School of Medicine   -   GHM 121-49
  124 Greene Street, Augusta, GA WM7A7D   

Georgia's State Capital   -   GHS  121-9
  Bay Street near Elbert Street, Augusta, GA WM7A69   

Great Indian Trading Path   -   DAC 
  McDowell St at Johns St, Summerhill, Augusta, GA WM258V   

Great Indian Warrior/Trading Path   -   DAC 
  on Riverwalk, Augusta, GA WM51QP   

Haines Normal and Industrial Institute   -   GHS 121-14
  in front of Laney High School at the intersection of Laney Walker Blvd and Phillips St in Augusta, GA WM78VY   

Hephzibah Methodist Church   -   GHM 121-32
  South of Ga 88 at the church in Hephzibah WM7AFP   

Home of Governor Telfair   -   GHM 121-13
  Broad Street at East Boundry, Augusta, GA WM7A7M   

Home of John Forsyth   -   GHM 121-22
  Milledge and Cumming Roads, Augusta, GA WM78RH   

Home of Nicholas Ware   -   GHM 121-24
  Telfair at 5th Street, Augusta, GA   

Home of Richard Henry Wilde   -   GHM 121-31
  2229 Pickens Road, Augusta, GA WM25A6   

Indians   -    
  15 8th Street, Augusta, GA      

Industrial Heritage   -    
  15 8th Street, Augusta, GA      

James Brown (Plaza)   -    
  on Broad Street between 8th and 9th Sts, Augusta, GA   

Jessye Norman   -    
  River Walk near 9th St, Augusta, GA   

John McClinton Tutt 1886-1986   -   GHS 121-13
  in front of one of the buildings at the Museum of Black History at 1108 Phillips St., Augusta, GA WM78VG   

Joseph R. Lamar, Associate Justice Supreme Court of the United States   -   GHS 121-6
  415 Seventh Street, Augusta, GA WM7A2Z    P*

Joseph Rucker Lamar - replaced   -   GHS 121-6
  reportedly removed to the Grand Lodge of Georgia at Masonic Temple, 3201 Wrightsville Rd., Augusta, GA   

Kaolin - Removed --
  -   WPA A-16
  10 mi SW of Augusta, GA, US 1   

LaFayette Visits Augusta   -   GHM 121-42
  McArtan Street at Jones St, Augusta, GA WM79HQ   

Liberty Methodist Church   -   GHM 121-47
  E of Hephzibah and US 1 on Liberty Church Rd S of Browns Rd WM7AF4   

Liberty Methodist Church - Replaced by GHM 121-47   -   GHM 121-33
  E of Hephzibah and US 1 on Liberty Church Rd S of Browns Rd   

Lucy Craft Laney   -   GHS 121-10
  Laney Museum, 1116 Phillips St., Augusta, GA WM78VK   

Magnolia Cemetery   -   GSCD 
  3rd Street near Walton Way WM7A6V   

Meadow Garden   -   WPA 
  on Independence Dr near near 13th St (U.S. 1), Augusta, GA      

Meadow Garden-Home of George Walton   -   GHM 121-34
  4 13th and Independence Streets, Augusta, GA WM78WG   

Medical College Building   -   GHM 121-14
  Sixth and Telfair Streets, Augusta, GA WMWEPV    P*

Miss Lucy Craft Laney 1854-1933   -   AAAHC 
  at the corner of Laney-Walker Blvd and Phillips St. in Augusta, GA WM78WC   

Montrose: Home of Col. Charles Colcock Jones, Jr.   -   GHM 121-38
  2249 Walton Way, Augusta, GA WM78RQ   

Navigation   -    
  17 8th Street, Augusta, GA      

Old Richmond Academy Building   -   GHM 121-9
  500 block of Telfair Street, Augusta, GA WM28T   

Overton, Home of Gov. John Milledge - Removed --
  -   WPA 
  635 Gary Street, Augusta, GA   

Paine College   -   GHM 121-46
  Paine College Campus on Druid Park Avenue, Augusta, GA WM78RZ   

Paine College Founding Site   -    
  10th and Broad (NW corner) in Augusta, GA WMB0RB    P*

Paul Fitzsimmons Eve   -    
  624 Greene Street, Augusta, GA      

Pendleton King Park (Sand Hills)   -    
  Kissingbower Rd at Woodland Ave, Augusta, GA      

Pierce Memorial Methodist Church   -   GHM 121-37
  1441 Jackson Road, Augusta, GA WM78KA   

Residence of William Schley - Removed --
  -   GHM 121-16
  Augusta, GA   

Richmond Academy - Removed   -   WPA 
  4 blocks north of Telfair St, Augusta, GA   

Richmond County   -   GHM 121-27
  Courthouse, Greene Street, Augusta, GA WM2Q3    P*

Samuel Hammond   -   DAR 
  in the median of Greene St. between 8th and 9th streets Augusta, GA WM79HV   

Shiloh Orphanage   -   GHS 121-20
  1635 15th Street, Augusta, GA      

Signal Corps Aviation School 1911-1913   -   GHM 121-44
  Sand Bar Ferry at Oak Street, Augusta, GA WM7A9A   

Silas Xavier Floyd, D.D.   -   GHS 121-18
  1025 12th St, Augusta, GA      

Spirit Creek Baptist Church   -   GHS 121-4
  1783 Dixon Airline Road, Augusta, GA WM7ACE   

Springfield Baptist Church, Birthplace of Morehouse College   -   GHM 121-51
  Reynolds St and 12th Street, Augusta, GA WM793W   

St. James United Methodist Church   -   HAI 
  439 Greene Street, Augusta, GA WMG9E4   

Stoney Nurses Home of the Lamar School of Nursing   -   GHS 121-5
  R.A. Dent Blvd. and Saint Sebastian Way, Augusta, GA WM78V8   

Summerville Cemetery   -   GHM 121-36
  Cumming Road at John's Road, Augusta, GA WM78P9   

Thankful Baptist Church   -   GHS 121-16
  On Walker St at 3rd St, Augusta, GA. WMF17G   

The "Haunted" Pillar of the Lower Market   -   GSCD 
  on the median at 5th and Broad Streets, Augusta, GA WM7A3T   

The Augusta Arsenal   -   GHM 121-25
  Walton Way at Augusta College, Augusta, GA WM78NR   

The Augusta Arsenal   -    
  Near Arsenal Ave. and Belleview Ave., Augusta, GA      

The Augusta Canal   -   GHM 121-1
  13th Street at Walton Way and Fenwick St, Augusta, GA WM4E23   

The Augusta Canal - Powder Works and Mills   -    
  Eve Street near Pearl Street, Augusta, GA   

The Confederate States Powder Works   -    
  at the old smokestack on Goodrich Street, Augusta, Georgia. WMCF8T    P*

The First Academy of Richmond County   -   GHM 121-17
  Bay and Fourth Streets, Augusta, GA WM7A6Q   

The First Baptist Church   -   GHM 121-29
  Greene and Eighth Streets, Augusta, GA WMHDF   

The First Presbyterian Church   -   GHM 121-11
  500 block of Telfair Street, Augusta, GA WM7A39    P*

The Great Fire of 1916   -    
  15 8th Street, Augusta, GA      

The Home of Charles Jones Jenkins, Jr., LL.D.   -   GHM 121-39
  2248 Cumming Road, Augusta, GA WM78R9   

The Levee   -    
  2 8th Street, Augusta, GA      

The Mayham Tower   -   GHM 121-23
  32 8th St, Augusta, GA WMHCV      

The Medical College of Georgia   -   GHM 121-3
  1400 block of Laney-Walker Blvd at the College, Augusta, GA WM78V5   

The Rotary club of Augustine   -    
  744 Broad St. , Augusta, GA   

The Signer's Monument   -   GHM 121-28
  Greene Street opposite the courthouse, Augusta, GA WM28R    P*

The Sisters of Saint Joseph in Augusta   -   GHS 121-11
  1220 Monte Sano Dr., Augusta, GA WM78M0   

The Tobacco Road   -   GHM 121-10
  Ga 56 (Old Savannah Road) at Tobacco Road, Augusta, GA      

The White House or Mackay's Trading Post - Replaced by GHM 121-48   -   GHM 121-21
  1822 Broad Street, Augusta, GA   

To Commemorate the Great Congress of Five Indian Nations   -   GSCD 
  Located on the wall of St. Paul's Church 6th and Reynolds Streets, Augusta, GA WM7AG1   

To George Walton (1740-1804)   -   F. & A. M. 
  North side of Meadow Garden property, 13th & Independence WM793D   

Trinity CME "Mother Trinity"   -   GHS 121-19
  818 8th Street, Augusta, GA      

Twiggs Cemetery   -   GHM 121-26
  Ga 56 at Goshen Rd, about 2 miles south of Tobacco Road WM7AEZ   

Two Early Augusta Churches   -   GHM 121-45
  Greene St in front of St John's Methodist Church, Augusta, GA WM79V6   

U.S. Marshal Robert Forsyth (1754-1794)   -   GHS  121-12
  St Paul's Episcopal Church, 605 Reynolds St, Augusta, GA WM7A9H   

Untitled (Georgia Railroad and Banking Company)   -    
  At 1st Union Bank, Broad Street at Seventh, Augusta, GA WMJH4   

Village of Summerville   -    
  at Goulds Corner at the Walton Way and Milledge Road, Augusta, GA   

Ware High School Civil Rights Milestone   -   GHM 148-7
  Reynolds and Kolloch St at Golf Hall of Fame site, Augusta, GA WM79CB   

Washington's Southern Tour   -   GHS 121-2
  St Pauls Episcopal Church, 605 Reynolds St, Augusta, GA WMGCN   

White House Tract   -   GHM 121-48
  1822 Broad St, Augusta, GA, at Harris House WM7AC2   

William Bartram Trail Traced 1773-1777   -   GCG 
  Riverwalk at 8th Street, Augusta, GA WM51RG   

William Bartram Visited Augusta, 1773   -   GHM 121-7
  In the plaza at the Post Office, Augusta, GA, on East Ford St      

William Makepeace Thackeray   -   GHM 121-8
  700 block of Broad St., Augusta, GA WMP2R   

William Schley 1786-1858   -   F. & A. M. 
  Richmond Hill Rd at Bobby Jones Expressway, Augusta, GA   

Woodrow Wilson Spring   -   GHM 121-40
  US 25 at McBean Creek, at the Burke County line      


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P  - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page.
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