Rabun County (119)

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Rabun County was created on Feb. 21, 1819 .

The county seat is in Clayton, GA.,
and the county is 377 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13241

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There are 12 Historic Markers in Rabun County.

Brig·Gen·Francis·S·Bartow·C·S·A   -    
  339 Nacoochee Drive, Rabun Gap, GA      

Commissioner's Rock - Removed   -   WPA 28 A-3
  At Ga-N.C. line on Ga 28   

Ellicott's Rock - Removed   -   WPA 28 A-2
  Ga 28 near the N.C. State Line   

Lake Rabun Lakemont, Georgia (2 sided marker)   -   GHM None
  At Lakemont on Lake Rabun Rd south of Old 441 WM76E9   

Memorial Lands and Cottages-Georgia Division UDC   -   GHM 119-2
  US 23/US 411 at Mile Marker 17

Rabun County   -   GHM 119-1
  US 76 West on Courthouse lawn, Clayton WM113B   

Rabun County Confederate Monument   -   UDC 
  25 Courthouse Square, Clayton, GA      

Rabun Gap Elevation 2,160 Ft.   -   WPA 441 A-4
  Just north of Mountain City, US 441/23   

Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School   -   GHM 119-3
  US 23/US 411 at entrance to Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School WM11VM   

Tallulah Falls Railway and Depot   -   GHS 119-1
  At old Depot, 105 Moss St at US 441 in Tallulah Falls   

The Rabun County Courthouse   -    
  Courthouse Square, Clayton, GA      

William Bartram Trail Traced 1773-1777   -   GCG 
  War Woman Rd, 2.7 miles E of US 441/23 near War Woman Dell WM75XB   


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