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Paulding County was created on Feb. 3, 1832.

The county seat is in Dallas, GA.,
and the county is 315.1 Square Miles in area.

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There are 40 Historic Markers in Paulding County.

20th Corps Detours to New Hope Church   -   GHM 110-4
  Ga 61 at the (southernmost) intersection with High Shoals Rd WM293W    P*

A. Lafayette Bartlett   -    
  next to the Dallas Women's Club, Main Street, Dallas, GA      

Armstrong's Advance   -    
  455 Jimmy Campbell Parkway, Dallas, GA      

Army of the Tenn. at Dallas   -   GHM 110-7
  US 278/Ga 6 at Pumpkinvine Creek, 2.5 miles west of Dallas WM3J26    P*

Army of the Tenn. to Dallas   -   GHM 110-6
  Old Rockmart Rd about 1/2 mile E of jct with Ga 101/Ga 113 WM56Q5    P*

Atlanta Campaign New Hope Church May 25-June 4, 1864   -   USDI 
  At the small park next to the New Hope Baptist Church, at 361 and Bobo Rd., New Hope, GA WM3HZF    P*

Battle of New Hope Church   -   GHM 110-28
  Ga 381 at New Hope Church, New Hope WM2973    P*

Battle of New Hope Church Memorial   -    
  44 Bobo Road, Dallas, GA      

Battle of Pickett's Mill   -   GHM 110-27
  Mt Tabor Rd at the entrance of Pickett's Mill Historic Site WM28WC    P*

Battle of Pickett's Mill   -   GHM 110-27
  Ga 92 at Pickett's Mill Park Group Shelter WM3HZ3    P*

Brown's Mill   -   GHM 110-28
  Ga 381 at Pickett's Mill Rd, NE of New Hope Church WM292J    P*

Confederate Line   -   GHM 110-11
  Ga 6 Bus near Ga 61 (connector) junction WM3J4V    P*

Cross Roads Church   -   GHM 110-26
  Ga 92 at crossroads with Ga 381 NE of New Hope WM56QE    P*

Dallas   -    
  at the intersection of Hardee St and Main St, Dallas, GA      

Dallas Georgia   -    
  Courthouse in Dallas WM56E1    P*

Dallas-New Hope Line   -   GHM 110-29
  Ga 381 and Ga 6 Bus in Dallas WM296W    P*

Davis's Div. at Dallas   -   GHM 110-8
  Ga 61 (N. Confederate Ave) at Polk Ave, Dallas WM293X    P*

Dedicated to the Confederate Soldiers   -   SCV 
  at the intersection of Bobo Road and Dallas-Acworth Highway, Dallas, GA   

Federal Line   -   GHM 110-12
  Hardee Street/Merchants Drive 1/10 west of Merchants Drive, GA 6 (The extension from Hardee Street, the old GA 61, to Merchants Drive, GA 6, is also called Merchants Drive WM7NZ7    P*

George Darby House-Clebourne's H'dq'rs   -   GHM 110-22
  Ga 92 about 1/4 mile south of Ga 360 WM32RM    P*

Hardee's Hood's & French's Headquarters   -   GHM 110-1
  Ga 92 near the Cobb County line WM2F2Y    P*

Henry Lester House   -   GHM 110-21
  US 278/Ga 6 at SW corner of junction with Ga 92 WM3J5N    P*

Johnston's Headquarters   -   GHM 110-17
  About 3/4 mile southeast of New Hope Church on Bobo Road WM3J24    P*

Left of the Confederate Line   -   GHM 110-10
  Ga 61 south of Dallas near the High School WM3GQN    P*

New Hope Battlefield   -   WPA 
  Ga 381 at New Hope Church, New Hope, GA WM56DP    P*

Old Burnt Hickory P.O.   -   GHM 110-3
  Ga 61 at Wills Grocery at Burnt Hickory WM3ZY1    P*

Paulding County   -   GHM 110-5
  Courthouse in Dallas WM2943    P*

Paulding Meadows Recreation Park   -    
  On Northside Ch Rd, W of Ga 61, 1.7 miles N of courthouse WM2MV8    P*

Polk's Corps at Dallas and New Hope Church   -   GHM 110-20
  Ga 6 Bus at junction with Ga 120/Ga 360 WM2MV6    P*

Polk's March to Lost Mountain   -   GHM 110-18
  At the small park next to the New Hope Baptist Church, at 361 and Bobo Rd., New Hope, GA WM296Z    P*

Rt. of Federal Line, May 26-June 1, 1864   -   GHM 110-9
  Off Ga 61 on Vernoy Aiken Road south of Dallas WM7NZC    P*

Site: Colley House-Hood's H'dq'rs   -   GHM 110-23
  Ga 360 at Maxwell Rd, just east of Ga 92 WM3J5E P*

Site: Robertson House   -   GHM 110-19
  Ga 120 just northeast of junction with Ga 6 Business WM3J4Y P*

Sligh's Mill, Pottery & Tanyard   -   GHM 110-2
  Ga 61 at Harmony Grove Church Road [destroyed by an auto accident in 2003] P*

The Federal Attack on Hood's Corps   -   GHM 10-24
  At the New Hope cemetery across Ga 381 from New Hope Baptist Church at Chester Harris Dr. Follow the road around the cemetery to the marker. WM3HZ5    P*

The Hiram Rosenwald School   -   GHS 110-1
  Location at 92 and Alexander St. in front of the school. WM2MW3    P*

The March of Hardee's Corps, May 23-25, 1864   -   GHM 110-16
  At the small park next to the New Hope Baptist Church, at 361 and Bobo Rd., New Hope, GA WM3HZ7    P*

The Orphan Brigade / Bate's Deadly Reconnaissance   -    18
  216 Recreation Drive, Dallas, GA      

The Orphan Brigade at Dallas   -   GHM 110-13
  Ga 6 Bus 0.9 mile east of junction with Ga 61, Dallas WM3J4Q    P*

The Worst Aircraft Disaster In Georgia History ~ April 7, 1977   -    
  Acworth Dallas Highway across from New Hope Baptist Church in New Hope Cemetery. WMG87E   


M  - The marker is missing.
P  - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page.
P* - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page and I have personally visited this marker.
R  - The marker has been removed.

Waymark of *NE - This marker is not eligible to be waymarked.


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