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Morgan County was created on Feb. 10, 1807.

The county seat is in Madison, GA.,
and the county is 354.6 Square Miles in area.

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There are 66 Historic Markers in Morgan County.

Advanced Education Center   -   CMAD 
  472 S. Main St., Madison, GA WMR839   

Antebellum Architecture   -   CMAD 
  Heritage Hall, 277 S. Main St., Madison, GA WMR833   

Antioch Baptist Church   -   GHM 104-3
  Ga 83 at Godfrey Road WM3PA    P*

Apalachee   -   MCBC 
  at the old school building on Lower Apalachee Rd in Apalachee, GA. WM6T4C    P*

Banking Institutions   -   CMAD 
  Madison Town Hall, Washington and Main Sts., Madison, GA WMR82N   

Bethany   -   MCBC 
  At Bethany Baptist Church on Bethany Church Rd at Crawford Rd. WM6KWV    P*

Blue Springs (Swords) - The Oconee River Bridge --
  -   MCBC 

Blue Star Memorial Highway   -   GCG 
  Intersection of US 278 and US 441, Madison WM3P8    P*

Bostwick   -   MCBC 
  Located next to the City Hall, in the old Susie Agnes Hotel (now beautifully restored). This is opposite the post office. WM6T4F    P*

Brownwood-Centennial   -   MCBC 
  at the corner of Brownwood Road and Thankful Road WM6RYM    P*

Buckhead   -   MCBC 
  Located in front of the Fire Department, north of the main intersection in Buckhead at the railroad tracks. WM6KWP    P*

Civic Advancement   -   CMAD 
  Welcome Center, Main at Jefferson Sts., Madison, GA WMR82Y   

Community Settlement   -   CMAD 
  E. Jefferson St at Court House, Madison, GA WMR82T   

Confederate Dead   -   GHM 104-7
  Cemetery in Madison, north of railroad tracks WM3P2    P*

Dorsey   -   MCBC 
  On Dixie Highway just west of where Hightower Road crosses the railroad tracks and intersects Dixie Highway WM6RYP    P*

Early Academies   -   CMAD 
  on West Central Avenue (near the entrance to the cemetery) northwest of Academy Street, Madison, GA.   

Early Public Forum   -   MCBC 
  1750 Bethany Road, Madison, GA   

Early Religious Life   -   CMAD 
  Academy and Porter Sts., Madison, GA   

Fairplay   -   MCBC 
  At Fairplay and Prospect Roads at Fairplay WM6XD3    P*

Fairview   -   MCBC 
  At the Trinity Baptist Church at 4201 S. US 441 (north of Seven Islands Road) WM6KVQ    P*

Federal Raid   -   GHM 104-5
  On Buckhead Road at railroad crossing in Buckhead WM6KX5    P*

Flat Rock   -   MCBC 
  Flat Rock Church on Ga 83 in the community of Flat Rock. WM6T3Y    P*

Formal Southern Landscapes   -   CMAD 
  Boxwood on Academy and Porter Sts., Madison, GA   

Foundation to Consolidation   -   CMAD 
  Madison Morgan Cultural Center, S. Main St., Madison, GA WMR838   

Freedmen's Schooling   -   MCBC 
  745 Hill Street, Madison, GA   

Freedom of Assembly   -   CMAD 
  Washington , Madison, GA Academy Sts., Madison, GA   

Godfrey   -   MCBC 
  Located in a field in front of Antioch Church (not the GHM marker for the church) at the intersection of Godfrey Road and Antioch Road. WM6KW2    P*

Hard Labor Creek State Park   -   MCBC 
  at the Blacksmith's Shop in the park, just past the park office. WM6RYF    P*

In Memory of Matthew Talbot   -   DAR 
  1091 Hardeman Mill Road, opposite the Talbot-Hardeman-Taylor house   

Industrial Corridor   -   CMAD 
  Town Park, Thomason and Washington St, Madison, GA WMR832   

Joshua Hill Home   -   GHM 104-1
  Located on Main St. (U.S. 441) several blocks south of downtown Madison WM3P7    P*

Lodging Establishments   -   CMAD 
  113 W. Jefferson St., Madison, GA WMR835   

Madison   -   MCBC 
  On US 278 at the post office (on the square) in Madison. WM6RYV    P*

Madison Depot --
  -   MCBC 

Madison Historic Cemetery   -   MCBC 
  on Central Ave., at the entrance to the Madison Historic Cemetery, Madison, GA. WM9DC2    P*

Madison Railroad Station   -    
  on the RR Station on W Jefferson ST at the RR tracks, Madison, GA WM9DC4    P*

Madison Station   -    L10
  287 West Jefferson St, Madison, GA      

Mallory   -   MCBC 
  Mallory historic marker on Ga 83 at Wallace Road (just south of Nolan's Store, south of Bostwick). WM6T3R    P*

Morgan County   -   GHM 104-6
  at courthouse, Madison WM6T3B    P*

Oliver Hardy, Genius of Comedy   -   GHS 104-1
  across the street from courthouse, Maidson WM6T38    P*

Park Home and Site of Park's Mill   -   GHM 104-4
  Lake end of Woods Rd, 4.2 miles SE of Buckhead WM6KWY    P*

Parks Mill   -   MCBC 
  the intersection of Parks Mill Road and Reids Ferry Road. WM6M77    P*

Pennington   -   MCBC 
  Located next to the Church in the community of Pennington, just off Ga 83. WM6KWM    P*

Progressive Experiment   -    
  1231 College Drive, Madison, GA   

Railroad Street Commerce   -   CMAD 
  Jefferson St at Second St., Madison, GA WMR830   

Reconstruction Property Rights   -   MCBC 
  at the Morgan County African American Museum at 156 Academy St. across from intersection with Burnett St., Madison WM6T3X    P*

Reese   -   MCBC 
  At Reese and Durden Roads (south of Rutledge); WM6KW5    P*

Rutledge   -   MCBC 
  Opposite City Hall in Rutledge WM6RYA    P*

Rutledge Station --
  -   MCBC 

Rutledge Station   -    L9
  115 Fairplay St, Rutledge, GA      

Segregated Burial Grounds   -   MCBC 
  on Central Ave., in the Madison Historic Cemetery just south of the RR tracks, Madison, GA. WM9DC3    P*

Seven Islands Road   -   GHM 104-12
  Seven Islands Rd at US 441, 5 miles south of I-20 WM6KX3    P*

Springfield   -   MCBC 
  at the Springfield Baptist Church, on Bethany Church Road just north of Seven Islands Road. WM6KVV    P*

Swords   -   MCBC 
  Located in front of the Swords United Methodist Church, one of the few buildings standing in Swords. WM6KWR    P*

The March to the Sea   -   GHM 104-8
  located on Main St. (U.S. 441) in front of the Madison-Morgan County Cultural Center, Madison WM3P6    P*

The March to the Sea   -   GHM 104-9
  Just west of Swords on road from Buckhead to US 278 WM6KX0    P*

The March to the Sea   -   GHM 104-10
  US 278/Ga 12 at Rutledge WM6RXM    P*

The Oconee River Railroad Bridge   -    L11
  1271 Blue Springs Drive, Buckhead, GA      

The Stoneman Raid   -   GHM 104-2
  located on Main St. (U.S. 441) in front of Madison-Morgan County Cultural Center, Madison WM3P5    P*

The Town Commons   -   CMAD 
  Hill St. at Old Post Road, Madison, GA   

The Town Park   -   CMAD 
  Town Park, Jefferson St., Madison, GA WMR831   

The Town Spring   -   CMAD 
  on the walking trail in Round Bowl Spring Park; the trail entrance is adjacent to the Morgan County African-American Historic Museum, near the intersection of Academy Street and Burnett Street, Madison GA.   

The Town Square   -   CMAD 
  Town Square, Main St. at Jefferson St., Madison, GA WMR836   

Vernacular Construction   -   CMAD 
  at a small cottage on West Jefferson St (Ga 83), just above where West Washington St. joins it, north of the railroad tracks, Madison, GA   

William Tappan Thompson   -   GHM 104-11
  on East Jefferson St. facing the town square, Madison WM6T3E    P*

  on Godfrey Road at Walton's Mill Road WM6KVZ    P*


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