Meriwether County (099)

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Meriwether County was created on Feb. 14, 1827.

The county seat is in Greenville, GA.,
and the county is 505.4 Square Miles in area.

  FIPS Code: 13199

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There are 17 Historic Markers in Meriwether County.

Allen-Lee Memorial Church (Old Prospect Methodist)   -   GHM 099-7
  At the church in Lone Oak on Ga 54 west of Lutherville WM4NGZ   

Carmel Historic District   -   GHS 99-1
  on Ga 362 at Carmel Road in Carmel E of Alvaton WM4Q0G   

Georgia Warm Springs Foundation   -   GHS 99-3
  at Georgia Hall, 6315 Roosevelt Hwy, Warm Springs, GA WM6QNG    P*

Gov. John M. Slaton / (1866-1955)   -   GHS 99-4

Longleaf Pine Planting   -   GHM 099-6
  Ga 190 just west of Ga 85W intersection WM3VNZ    P*

Meriwether County   -   GHM 099-3
  Courthouse in Greenville WM4Q0B    P*

Noted Indian Trail   -   GHM 099-1
  Ga 85 about 1.8 miles southeast of Gay WM4Q0X   

Noted Indian Trail   -   GHM 099-2
  Ga 109 west of courthouse in Greenville WM4Q0V   

Old Depot Site Warm Springs   -   GHM 099-4
  Depot park, junction of US 27 and Ga 85W, Warm Springs WM4P64    P*

Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge   -   GHS 99-2
  at Covered Bridge Rd. east of Edmon off Ga. 85 between Gay and Woodbury, Ga. WM4N3N   

Roosevelt Farm   -   GHM 099-5
  Ga 85W just north of Ga 190 WM4P6F    P*

The Cove Gorges of the Flint   -   WPA GA 18 F-2
  18 F-2 Cove Church & Upper Cove Church Rds, S of Ga 18 E of Woodbury, GA WM4P5P   

The Little White House   -   GHM 099-9
  At Little White House parking lot, Warm Springs WM4P6D    P*

Trinity United Methodist Church - Durand, Georgia   -   UMC 
  25 Palm Ln, Warm Springs, GA   

Union Cemetery   -    
  on Harry Hardy Road just north of Arbor Church Rd, northwest of Durand, GA   

Warm Springs - Removed --
  -   WPA 
  Opposite bath house, Warm Springs, Ga 41   

Warm Springs Treatment Pools   -   GHM 099-8
  At Treatment Pools off US 27A, Warm Springs WM4P6B    P*


M  - The marker is missing.
P  - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page.
P* - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page and I have personally visited this marker.
R  - The marker has been removed.

Waymark of *NE - This marker is not eligible to be waymarked.