Lanier County (086)

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Lanier County was created on constitutional amendment proposed Aug. 7, 1920, ratified Nov 2, 1920.

The county seat is in Lakeland, GA.,
and the county is 199.8 Square Miles in area.

  FIPS Code: 13173

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There are 5 Historic Markers in Lanier County.

Fender Cemetery   -   GHM 086-3
  Junction of US 221 and Ga 37 east of Lakeland WMC058   

Home of Governor E.D. Rivers (1895-1967)   -   GHS 86-1
  1051 W. Main St., Lakeland WMC035   

Joshua Lee   -   NSCD 
  entrance to Banks Lake Outpost at 307 W Highway 122 Lakeland, GA. WMC033   

Lanier County   -   GHM 086-1
  Courthouse in Lakeland WMC037   

Union Baptist Church   -   GHM 086-2
  Ga 31 Connector at Ga 135 bypass south of Lakeland WMC056   


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