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Gordon County was created on Feb. 13, 1850.

The county seat is in Calhoun, GA.,
and the county is 357.6 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13129

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There are 41 Historic Markers in Gordon County.

Atlanta Campaign Resaca May 13-15, 1864   -   USDI 
  Pavillion on US 41 at road to Resaca Confederate Cemetery WM2KRT    P*

Battle of Lay's Ferry   -   GHM 064-19
  Herrington Bend Rd at Hunt Rd off Ga 156 at New Zion Church WM2H46    P*

Battle of Resaca   -   GHM 064-5
  West of US 41 0.4 miles on Rooker Rd, north of Resaca WM2H2E    P*

Battle of Resaca   -   GHM 064-9
  At Hall Memorial and Hall Rd just S of Ga 136 W of Resaca WM2H2H    P*

Battle of Resaca   -   GHM 064-11
  US 41 and Ga 136 in Resaca, just north of Resaca Fire Dept. WM7BX    P*

Battle of Resaca   -   GHM 064-13
  Ga 136 at Fain Brown Rd, west of I-75 WM2H2M    P*

Battle of Resaca   -   GHM 155-3
  On Chitwood Road, .75 mile east of US 41 WM2H42    P*

Battle of Resaca May 14, 1864   -   GHM 064-6
  On Chitwood Rd .3 mile east of US 41 WM2H40    P*

Battle of Resaca May 14, 1864   -   GHM 064-7
  US 41 at Confederate Cemetery Road north of Resaca WM682    P*

Battle of Resaca May 14-15, 1864   -   GHM 064-3
  Chitwood Rd at US 41 WM2H3Q    P*

Battle of Resaca May 14-15, 1864   -   GHM 064-4
  Chitwood Rd at US 41 WM2H3W    P*

Battle of Resaca May 14-15, 1864   -   GHM 064-10
  southbound on I-75 in Rest Area 35 south of Ga 136 exit WM2W82 P*

Battle of Rome Cross Roads   -   GHM 064-20
  Ga 53 at McDanial Station Rd west of Calhoun   

Big Spring   -   GHM 064-24
  At crossroads at Dew's Lake on road leading N from Sonora WM2HCN    P*

Blue Star Memorial Highway   -   GCG 
  northbound on I-75 in Rest Area 34 just north of Ga 140 Calhoun, Ga. WM68T    P*

Blue Star Memorial Highway   -   GCG 
  In the parking lot of the Calhoun Depot on King St between Court St, and Oothcalooga St. Calhouin, GA. WM67HD    P*

Calhoun, Ga. May 16, 1864   -   GHM 064-16
  In front of post office in Calhoun on US 41 WM2G4Q    P*

Cherokee Nation   -   GHM 064-32
  northbound on I-75 in Rest Area 34 just north of Ga 140 WM68V    P*

Confederate Cemetery Resaca   -   GHM 064-16
  Cemetery 2 miles north of Resaca and east of US 41 WM67R    P*

Daffodil Farm --
  On Brays Rd just S of Nelson Lake Rd south of Calhoun   

Field's Mill & Ferry   -   GHM 064-23
  SE of Pine Chapel on Pine Chapel Rd at Coosawattee River WM6643    P*

Gordon County   -   GHM 064-14
  Courthouse in Calhoun WMD34    P*

Harlan's Crossroads: Maj. Gen. John M. Schofield's   -   GHM 064-21
  Ga 225 at Pine Chapel Rd (3 mi north of Coosawatee River) WM2H00    P*

Historic Liberty Cumberland Presbyterian Church   -    
  1115 Liberty Road, just east of GA 53, Calhoun, GA   

Johnston's Rear Guard Stops McPherson   -   GHM 064-18
  Ga 53 at Oothcaloga Creek west of Calhoun WM67CJ    P*

Lay's Ferry   -   GHM 064-12
  Ga 136C at Hall Memorial Rd about 4 miles west of Calhoun WM67CN    P*

McClure's Ferry   -   GHM 064-22
  East of Ga 225 on Pine Chapel Rd across from Pine Chapel WM2G5N    P*

Moravian Mission   -   GHM 064-27
  US 41 about 4 miles south of Calhoun (Deleted)   

New Echota Cemetery   -   GHM 064-30
  South of Ga 225 on Newtown Ch Rd, just west of New Echota WMD32    P*

New Echota Cherokee National Capital   -   GHM 064-29
  Off Ga 225 at New Echota parking area, NE of Calhoun WMD14    P*

New Echota Ferry   -   GHM 064-31
  Ga 225 at New Echota parking area NE of Calhoun WMD12    P*

Old Sonora P.O. Now Sonoraville   -   GHM 064-26
  Ga 53 at the crossroads in Sonoraville WM2HCJ    P*

Oothcaloga Mission   -   GHM 064-28
  North of Union Grove Rd on Belwood Rd just east of I-75 WM2H4C P*

Oothcaloga Valley   -   GHM 064-1
  US 41 at Taylor Bridge Rd 1 mile N of the Bartow County line WM224D P*

Polk's Line Withdrawn to Resaca   -   GHM 064-14-2
  2 West of Resaca on Ga 136 just west of I-75 interchange WM2H2N    P*

Richard Peters' Plantation   -   GHM 064-25
  E. Belmont and Plantation Drive, Calhoun WM2G5E P*

Roland Hays JUNE 3, 1867-JANUARY 1, 1977   -   GHM 064-34
  Civic Auditorium, 540 Oothcalooga St, Calhoun WM2G56    P*

Site of the Robt. C. Saxon House   -   GHM 064-2
  US 41 at the Bartow County Line WM3PNY P*

Snake Creek Gap   -   GHM 064-8
  Ga 136, 7 miles west of I-75, just north of junction of Ga. 136 and Ga. 136C WM6R7    P*

The Calhoun Depot   -    
  109 S King St, Calhoun, GA      

Trail of Tears   -   GHM 064-33
  At New Echota Museum on Ga 225 NE of Calhoun WMD16    P*


M  - The marker is missing.
P  - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page.
P* - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page and I have personally visited this marker.
R  - The marker has been removed.

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