Floyd County (057)

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Floyd County was created on Feb. 3, 1832.

The county seat is in Rome, GA.,
and the county is 518.5 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13115

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There are 27 Historic Markers in Floyd County.

Bauxite Ore of Aluminum   -   WPA GA 57 A2
  7 mi N of Rome near Hermitage on Old Ga 53   

Berry College Founded By Martha Berry 1866-1942   -    
  at Berry College main entrance drive on US 27, Rome WM5TJB    P*

Berry Schools' Old Mill   -   GHS 57-3
  at the mill on Berry College campus, Rome, GA WM5FAY    P*

Blue Star Memorial   -   GCG 
  Civic Center/Welcome Center, off US 411 in Rome, GA   

Blue Star Memorial   -   GCG 
  Broad St (Ga 53) in front of Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Rome, GA   

Chieftains   -   GHS 57-1
  at the Chieftains Museum, 501 Riverside Parkway, Rome, GA WM26NG   

Davis' March to Rome   -   GHM 057-6
  At Civic/Visitors Center, US 27 in Rome, GA WM482X    P*

DeSoto In Georgia   -   GHM 057-16
  At Civic/Visitors Center, US 27 in Rome WM482P    P*

Dr. Elizur and Esther Butler, Missionaries to the Cherokee Indians   -   GHM 57-14
  On Ga 20 just west of Ga 100 intersection, west of Rome, GA   

Ellen Louise Axson Wilson, Wife of the 28th President of the United States   -    
  Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Rome, GA WM5RTX    P*

Farmer's Bridge Armuchee Creek   -   GHM 057-5
  US 27 at bridge over Armuchee Creek just S of Ga 140 jct WM5TJ2    P*

Federal Occupation of Rome   -   GHM 057-7
  At Civic/Visitors Center off US 27, Rome, GA WM482Q    P*

Floyd County   -   GHM 057-10
  old Courthouse in Rome, GA WM2NCK    P*

Floyd Springs   -   GHM 057-4
  Floyd Springs Road at Rosedale Rd, east of US 27 N of Ga 156 WM5TF9    P*

French's Div. at Rome   -   GHM 057-8
  At Civic/Visitors Center off US 27, Rome, GA WM482V    P*

General Thomas Edwin Greenfield Ransom 1834-1864   -   GHS 57-2
  at Berryhill House, 3543 Alabama Hwy. (Ga. 20), Rome, GA WM5TJH    P*

Georgia School for the Deaf   -   GHM 057-11
  At school in Cave Springs WM4834   

Georgia's Paul Revere   -   GHM 057-1
  Myrtle Hill Cemetery, at the intersection of Broad Street and Myrtle St. Rome, GA. WM5RTZ    P*

Hermitage   -   GHM 057-3
  Old Ga 53 near Hermitage Rd in Shannon WM5THX    P*

Major Ridge   -   WPA 
  at the Chieftains Museum, 501 Riverside Parkway, Rome, GA WM5VBZ    P*

Martha Berry's Birthplace   -   GHM 057-9
  Ga 1 at entrance to Oak Hill, just east of US 27 WM5TJ6    P*

McGuire's   -   GHM 057-2
  Ga 53 just north of intersection with Ga 140      

Medora Field Perkerson Author-Newspaper Columnist   -   GHM 057-12
  On Lindale Road at First Baptist Church in Lindale, GA WM4830   

Original Cabin   -   GHM 057-15
  On Oak Hill grounds near museum, US 27 north of Rome WM5TJ9    P*

Sardis Presbyterian Church and Cemetery   -    
  7104 Ga 20, near Coosa, between Ga 100S and Ga 100 N WM5TJD    P*

Site of Mountain School   -   GHM 057-13
  Behind the abandoned school in Everett Springs      

The Martha Berry Highway   -    
  2276 N.E. US 27 opposite Berry College entrance      


M  - The marker is missing.
P  - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page.
P* - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page and I have personally visited this marker.
R  - The marker has been removed.

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