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Effingham County was created on Feb. 5, 1777.

The county seat is in Springfield, GA.,
and the county is 482.9 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13103

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There are 27 Historic Markers in Effingham County.

1790 Effingham County Methodist Camp Ground   -   UMC 15
  Ga 21 at the south edge of Springfield WMNJKN   

Bethany   -   GHM 051-7
  On Clyo-Stillwell Road WMD6A4   

Blue Star Memorial Highway   -   GCG 
  American Legion Post on (Old) Ga 21, S. edge of Springfield      

Camp Davis, Military Instructional Camp, C. S. A.   -    
  1683 Hwy 17, Guyton, GA WMM7KT   

Early Baptists at Tuckasee King   -   GHM 051-10
  2.75 miles north of Clyo on Ga 119 WMD8E6   

Effingham County   -   GHM 051-1
  Courthouse in Springfield WMNV4W   

Goshen Church   -   GHM 051-11
  Ga 21 about 1 mile north of Chatham-Effingham county line WMCGFP   

Guyton Confederate General Hospital   -   GHM 051-20
  Ga 17 just north of Ga 119 in Guyton      

Historic Taverns on this Road   -   GHM 051-9
  Ga 275 about 2 miles east of Ga 21 WMCGGE   

Jerusalem (Ebenezer) Church 6 mi.   -   GHM 051-2
  Ga 21 between Rincon and Springfield at Ga 275 WM4MVP    P*

John Adam Treutlen   -   GHM 051-19
  At Clyo WMD6A9   

March to the Sea: Ebenezer Creek   -   GHS 51-2
  On Ebenezer Road (Georgia Route 275) east of County Road 284 at the Ebenezer Cemetery. WMCKBD   

Old Ebenezer   -   GHM 051-14
  Ga 21 at Log Landing Rd South of Ebenezer WMCXQ5   

Old Mount Pleasant   -   GHM 051-18
  Kildare to Clyo road 5.5 mi above Clyo, near Taylor Church      

Old River Road   -   GHM 051-3
  Ga 275 at the old Ebenezer cemetery WMCT26   

Pilgrim Missionary Normal and Industrial Institute   -   GHS 51-1
  west of Ga 17 at Pilgrim Walking Trail at Simmons St., near the northern city limits of Guyton   

Sherman at Zion Church   -   GHM 051-15
  Ga 17 at junction with Ga 30 WMCGF2   

Sherman's Left Wing   -   GHM 051-16
  Ga 21 in Springfield, GA WMNV50   

Sherman's Right Wing   -   GHM 051-17
  US 80/Ga 26 at Eden, GA   

Sherman's Right Wing   -   GHM 051-11
  U.S. 280 at Black Creek Church Rd., 3.6 miles west of U.S. 80 WMCG17   

Silk Culture at Ebenezer   -   GHM 051-6
  Ga 275 at Ebenezer church      

Sisters Ferry --
  Sisters Ferry Road at Clyo-Stilwell Road      

The Rev. John Martin Bolzius The Rev. Israel Christian Gronau   -   GHM 051-4
  At Ebenezer in the churchyard, end of Ga 275 WMCHZF   

The Town of Ebenezer   -   GHM 051-12
  Ga 275 at Ebenezer church      

Two Historic Savannah River Ferries   -   GHM 051-13
  At the Post Office on Ga 119 in Clyo WMD8E1   

William Bartram Trail Traced 1773-1777   -   GCG 
  Ga 275 at Old Ebenezer Cemetery WMCJ30   

Zion Church   -   GHM 051-8
  Stillwell Road about 2 miles east of Rincon      


M  - The marker is missing.
P  - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page.
P* - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page and I have personally visited this marker.
R  - The marker has been removed.

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