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Early County was created on Feb. 15, 1818.

The county seat is in Blakely, GA.,
and the county is 516.3 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13099

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There are 26 Historic Markers in Early County.

Blakely, Georgia 1825-1975   -    
  on Early Street, Blakely, GA WMMAB7   

Blue Star Memorial   -   GCG 
  at Early County Courthouse, Blakely WMPDY   

Centerville United Methodist Church   -   HCC 
  8 miles S of Blakely on Three Notch Road WMAKV5   

Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge   -   GHS 49-1
  at Fannie Askew Williams Park on Old River Road 2 miles north of Ga 62 WMPBZ   

Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge (Side 1)   -   HCC 
  Fannie Askew Williams Park on Old River Rd 2 miles north of Ga 62 WMAK5M   

Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge 2 mi.   -   HCC 
  Ga 62 at Old River Road at Hilton WMAK5F   

Confederate Flag Pole   -   GHM 049-3
  Courthouse in Blakely WM2VE   

Confederate Navy Yard, Saffold   -   GHM 049-9
  US 84 about 3.5 miles west of Jakin at the river WMAK2Z   

Covered Bridge   -   GHM 049-8
  Ga 62 6 miles SW of Blakely   

Covered Bridge 2 mi.   -   GHM 049-7
  1 mile S of Ga 62 at Sowhatchee Creek   

Early County   -   GHM 049-4
  Courthouse in Blakely WM3Z50   

Fannie Askew Williams Park (Side 2)   -   HCC 
  Coheelee Park at covered bridge, Old River Road off Ga 62 WMPG7   

Hilton School   -   HCC 
  Ga 62 at Hilton WMAKV3   

Hilton United Methodist Church   -   HCC 
  At church in Hilton on road to Coheelee Park WMAKV4   

Kolomoki Mounds Archaeological Area   -   GHM 049-10
  Kolomoki Mounds State Park at Museum   

Kolomoki Mounds State Historic Park   -    
  Mounted on wall inside the door to the museum at the Kolomoki State Park WMBVWN   

Kolomoki Mounds State Park - 4 mi.   -   GHM 049-1
  US 27/Ga 1 about 2 miles north of Blakely at County Road 153 WMBVWT

Kolomoki Mounds State Park - 7 mi.   -   GHM 049-1
  Old US 27 about 2 miles north of Blakely at County Rd 280      

Old Factory Creek   -   HCC 
  Near Clay-Early county line, 9 mi NW of Blakely on Early 141      

Peanut Monument   -    
  on the lawn of the Early County Courthouse in Blakely Georgia WMBVXP   

Sowhatchee Elementary School   -   HCC 
  at the Zion Free Will Baptist Church, 856 Zion Road, Blakely, GA   

The Kolomoki Indian Mounds   -   GHM 049-10
  Kolomoki Mounds State Park at Museum

Three Notch Trail   -   GHM 049-5
  Ga 39 about 4 miles north of Blakely WM8WB6   

Three Notch Trail   -   GHM 049-6
  Ga 39 about 2 miles south of Blakely at Early County Rd 24 WMAKV8   

xBerta Cook Memorial Park --
  Near Rowena on Ga 45, about 7-8 miles south of Arlington, GA   

xConfederate States Navy Yard --
  -   WPA 
  US 84 at the river   


M  - The marker is missing.
P  - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page.
P* - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page and I have personally visited this marker.
R  - The marker has been removed.

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