Clayton County (031)

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Clayton County was created on Nov. 30, 1858.

The county seat is in Jonesboro, GA.,
and the county is 144.3 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13063

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There are 52 Historic Markers in Clayton County.

14th A.C. At Shoal Creek Church   -   GHM 031-35
  NE of intersection of Flat Shoals Rd and Fayetteville Rd WM2C4X    P*

14th A.C. Troops at the Evans Farm   -   GHM 031-29
  Old Fayetteville Rd at Church St, Riverdale WM40KD P*

Attack by Lee's Corps   -   GHM 031-15
  Fayetteville Road at North Avenue, Jonesboro, GA WM40NB    P*

Baird's Div., 14th A.C.   -   GHM 031-30
  Ga 139 and Flat Shoals Rd, 2 miles north of Riverdale WM2D2T    P*

Battle of Jonesboro: The First Day   -   GHM 031-26
  North Avenue just west of US 41, west of Jonesboro, GA WM40NH    P*

Battle of Jonesboro: The Second Day   -   GHM 031-24
  Ga 54 just north of Warren House, Jonesboro, GA WMNWV    P*

Battle of Jonesborough   -    38
  102 North McDonough Street, Jonesboro, GA WMVREP      

Battlefield Landmark   -   GHM 031-27
  W side of US 41 between Robert E Lee Parkway & Dixon Rd WM40N9    P*

Cavalry Action At Lovejoy's Station   -   GHM 031-22
  US 41 at Hastings WM13VY    P*

Clayton County   -   GHM 031-7
  On McDonough Street and King Street at the old courthouse, Jonesboro, GA. WM2E92    P*

Cleburne's Div. At Flint River Bridge   -   GHM 031-28
  Flint River Rd at Roberts Rd just east of Flint River   

Diverted Attack   -   GHM 031-14
  Fayetteville Rd at West Mill Rd, west edge of Jonesboro, GA WM40ND    P*

Flankers Road   -   GHM 031-AGD-6
  Security Checkpoint on Hood Avenue, Fort Gillem WMNRTG   

Fort Gillem   -    
  at the intersection of Flankers Road and Ashmore Road, Fort Gillem, Forest Park, GA   

Gen. S. D. Lee's Corps   -   GHM 031-9
  On Tara Boulevard (Old Dixie Hwy) and Battlecreek Road north of Jonesboro, GA.   

Georgia Militia at Lovejoy's Station   -   GHM 031-19
  US 41 just below Talmadge Rd, Lovejoy, GA WM3HZK P*

Hardee Hall   -   GHM 031-AGD-2
  Hood Ave in front of the Officers Club, Fort Gillem WMNT08   

Hardee's Corps at Jonesboro   -   GHM 031-25
  East side of Ga 54, east of Warren house, Jonesboro, GA WM13VZ    P*

Hardee's Detour   -   GHM 031-10
  US 41 at Battle Creek Rd north of Jonesboro, GA WM40KH    P*

Heritage Place - 1981   -    
  on west side of RR at N. McDonough and Ga 138 in Jonesboro, GA WM2E8X    P*

Holland Hall   -   GHM 031-AGD-7
  Front wall of headquarters building on Wheeler Dr, Ft Gillem WMNRTK   

Hood Avenue   -   GHM 031-AGD-1
  Hood Ave at Murray Drive near Iverson Gate, Fort Gillem WMNRT4

Hood Avenue   -   GHM 031-AGD-1
  Hood Avenue near Iverson Gate, Fort Gillem   

Iverson Gate   -   GHM 031-AGD-3
  Just inside gate from Ga 54, Fort Gillem WMNRT7   

Jonesboro Threatened   -   GHM 031-4
  US 41/Ga 3 in Mountain View WM2FET    P*

Lee's Corps Withdrawn   -   GHM 031-13
  Main Street north of old Depot, Jonesboro, GA WMNT09   

March and Counter-March   -   GHM 031-12
  US 23 at Fielder Rd about 1/2 mile north of I-675 junction WM41YK    P*

McIntosh Gate   -   GHM 031-AGD-5
  Just inside gate off US 23, Fort Gillem WMNRTD   

Morrow, Georgia   -   GHM 031-36
  In front of Morrow City Hall, Ga 54, Morrow WM2E8Q    P*

Old Stagecoach Road   -   GHM 031-1
  Stagecoach Rd and Panola Rd, Ellenwood WM41YN    P*

Patrick Cleburne Confederate Cemetery   -    39
  111 Johnson Street, Jonesboro, GA WMVREQ      

Renfroe's Plantation   -   GHM 031-16
  Ga 85 at Ga 138, south of Riverdale WM2EW3    P*

Rough and Ready   -   GHM 031-5
  US 41/Ga 3 in Mountain View WM2GW5    P*

Rough and Ready Tavern   -   GHM 031-2
  US 41/Ga 3 in Mountain View WM2GW3    P*

Site of Couch House   -   GHM 031-17
  Ga 139 (Church St) between King and Adams, Sts, Riverdale WM69XD    P*

Site of McPeak House   -   GHM 031-23
  Ga 54, 1/4 mile south of Battle Creek Rd, NE of Jonesboro, GA WM2E8T    P*

Site: Marcus Long House   -   GHM 031-32
  Intersection of Ga 139 & Flat Shoals Rd, 2 mi N of Riverdale WM2D2P    P*

Site: Shoal Cr. Church   -   GHM 031-34
  NE of intersection of Flat Shoals Rd and Fayetteville Rd WM2C4M P*

Site: The Mann House   -   GHM 031-33
  Flat Shoals Rd, east of Ga 139 WM2D3B    P*

Thames House   -   GHM 031-18
  Clark Howell Rd, west of Ga 85 WM40JX    P*

The Crawford-Dorsey House   -    
  2471 McDonough Road, Hampton, GA      

The Extended Line   -   GHM 031-7B
  Ga 85 SB .4 miles S of Atlanta South Pkwy 1/4 mile N of Lees Mill Rd. WM8917   

The March to Jonesboro   -   GHM 031-8
  Ga 3 and Ga 160, Forest Park   

The March to the Sea   -   GHM 031-20
  North side of Ga 54 at I-75 Interchange (at hotel), Morrow, GA WM13YQ    P*

The March to the Sea   -   GHM 031-21
  US 41 at Ga 138 Spur (North Ave), Jonesboro, GA WMA9JG   

The Marcus Long Crossroads   -   GHM 031-31
  Intersection of Ga 139 and Flat Shoals Rd, 2 mi N of Riverda

The Warren House   -   GHM 031-3
  Ga 54 at Mimosa Dr, northwest Jonesboro, GA WM13W1    P*

To The Honored Memory   -    
  in the Confederate Cemetery in Jonesboro, GA WM7GVP   

Transfer Point   -   GHM 031-6
  US 41/Ga 3 in Mountain View WM2FEX    P*

Two Days of Battle At Jonesboro   -   GHM 031-11
  Confederate Cemetery east of Ga 54 in (north) Jonesboro, GA WMQ48    P*

Unknown Confederate Soldiers Memorial   -    
  230 N McDonough St, Jonesboro, GA      

Wheeler Drive   -   GHM 031-AGD-4
  Wheeler Drive in the triangle at Hood Avenue, Fort Gillem WMNRTB   


M  - The marker is missing.
P  - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page.
P* - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page and I have personally visited this marker.
R  - The marker has been removed.

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