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Catoosa County was created on Feb. 5, 1853.

The county seat is in Ringgold, GA.,
and the county is 162.7 Square Miles in area.

  FIPS Code: 13047

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There are 52 Historic Markers in Catoosa County.

4th Corps' Route to Tunnel Hill   -   GHM 023-5
  Old Tunnel Hill Rd 1/2 mile south of Ga 2 east of US 41 WM2MRB    P*

Actions at Ringold   -   CHT 18
  on Tennessee Street near Mountain Street, Ringgold, GA WMA7Y6    P*

Atlanta Campaign Ringgold Gap May 7, 1864.   -   USDI 
  At pavillion on US 41 southeast of Ringgold WM2MRE    P*

Battle of Chickamauga 9 mi.   -   GHM 023-15
  At a small triangular park at Tennessee Street at Lafayette St at US 41, Ringgold, GA WM6PR4    P*

Blue Star Memorial Highway   -   GCG 
  Southbound I-75 Georgia Welcome Station WMCZ5    P*

Campaign for Atlanta Began Here   -   GHM 023-4
  Ga 2 at Old Tunnel Hill Rd, east of US 41 WM2MRJ    P*

Catoosa County   -   GHM 023-1
  Courthouse in Ringgold WM6PR6    P*

Catoosa Springs Confederate Hospitals   -   GHM 023-13
  Keith Rd about .7 mile north of Ga 2, east of US 41 WM2MRM    P*

Cherokee Chief Richard Taylor --
  parking entrance of the Richard Taylor Nature Trail off Emberson Drive in Ringgold, GA      

Cherokee Springs Confederate Hospital 1/2 mile   -   GHM 023-12
  Cherokee Valley Rd (308) .3 mile E of US 41, S of Ringgold WM6YDD    P*

Clarissa Hunt Plantation and Confederate Courier Grave   -   CHT 15
  on Tom Hunt Rd, north of LaFayette Hwy (US 27), Chickamauga, GA. WMARH3    P*

Confederate Breakthrough   -    
  At the old Brotherton cabin on Lafayette Hwy (US 27) at Brotherton Rd. WMAD0Z    P*

Confederate General Patrick Cleburne's Emancipation Proposal   -    
  on U.S. 41 0 miles south of Crabtree Drive, Ringgold, GA      

Confederate Hospitals   -   GHM 023-14
  Courthouse in Ringgold WM2MRV    P*

Confederates Cross the Creek   -    
  On Jays Mill Rd at Reeds Bridge Rd, near the north east entrance to the park. WMA8GH    P*

Defense of Snodgrass Hill   -    
  In the parking area at the top of Snodgrass Hill, off of Vittetoe Rd. WMA8GT    P*

First Skirmish at Chickamauga   -   CHT 20
  on Boynton Dr west of Three Notch Rd, Ringgold, GA WMADMV    P*

Forrest's Pursuit   -   CHT 22
  On Old LaFayette Rd north of Gilbert Dr, Fort Oglethorpe, GA WMADPN    P*

Forrest's Pursuit   -   CHT 23
  On Old LaFayette Rd north of Gilbert Dr, Fort Oglethorpe, GA WMADPN    P*

General   -    
  is on Ooltewah Ringgold Road (Georgia Route 151) just north of Headrick Lane, on the left when traveling north. WM7H2F   

General Daniel Newnan   -   DAR 
  on the grounds of Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park on Lakeview Drive east of Nituna Avenue, Rossville GA      

Glass's Mill Battle Site   -   CHT 12
  on Glass Mill Rd north of Old Bethel Rd, Chickamauga, GA. WMARH9    P*

Henderson Plantation   -   CHT 13
  on Farming Rock Rd, south of LaFayette Hwy (US 27), Chickamauga, GA. WMARH4    P*

Historic Ringgold / Swinging Bridge   -    
  1 Depot Street, Ringgold, GA      

LaFayette Road   -   CHT 21
  On LaFayette Rd in front of the Park Plaza strip mall, Fort Oglethorpe, GA. WMADPK    P*

Leet's Spring & Tanyard   -   CHT 11
  On Mt Pisgah/Peavine Rd, Beaumont, GA. WMAAQP    P*

Leet's Tanyard   -   GHM 023-3
  At Beaumont and Mt Pisgah Rds, W of Ga 151 SW of Ringgold WM2MQ6    P*

Millie Henderson Grave   -   CHT 14
  This marker is part of the Chickamauga Campaign Heritage Trail, Army of Tennessee site #14 - Millie Henderson Grave Coordinates are from the Chickamauga Campaign web site, they appear to be in the middle of a field and may not be correct. Wikipedia - Slavery Allince87 - Modern Slavery Wikipedia - Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves Wikipedia - Emancipation Proclamation Wikipedia - Thirteenth Amendment      

Mix up in the Union Command   -    
  On Battle Ln Rd, west of Lafayette Hwy (US 27). WMA772    P*

Nickajack Gap   -   GHM 023-2
  Ga 151 at Wood Station, 8 mi S of Ringgold at the rd to Gap WM6YDE    P*

Old Federal Road   -   GHM 023-6
  US 41 just south of Pine Grove Church north of Ringgold WM6PRB    P*

Old Federal Road   -   GHM 023-7
  Ga 2 just east of US 41 at Tiger Creek WM2MT3    P*

Old Stone Presbyterian Church War Time Hospital   -   GHM 023-9
  Ga 2 just east of US 41 at Tiger Creek WM2MTD    P*

Peavine Church   -   CHT 10
  at the Peavine Church Cemetery, behind the church, on Peavine Rd, Rockmart, GA WMAFHG    P*

Ringgold Gap May 7, 1864.   -   USDI 
  At pavillion on US 41 southeast of Ringgold WM2MRE    P*

Ringgold Gap November 27, 1863   -   GHM 023-16
  US 41 at the Ringgold Pavillion on US 41 WMZN5    P*

Route of the Union Right   -    
  On Glenn Kelly Rd. WMAD10    P*

Stone Church and Catoosa Station   -   CHT 16
  at the intersection of Chattanooga Road (Route 41) and Catoosa Parkway, Ringgold, GA. WMADA3    P*

Stone Depot - TBI   -   CHT 17
  On Lafayette Street, Ringgold, GA      

The Armies Engage   -    
  On Jays Mill Rd, just north of Brotherton Rd. WMA8GM    P*

The Battle of Chickamauga   -    
  near the Visitor Center on Lafayette Rd, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.      

The Battle of Chickamauga, September 19 -- 20, 1863   -    
  At the visitors center on Lafayette Hwy (US 27). WMAD0T    P*

The Bloody First Day   -    
  On Brothernton Rd, east of Alexander Bridge Rd. WMA8GN    P*

The cost of Chickamauga   -    
  On Alexander Bridge Rd, north of Brotherton Rd. WMA8GQ    P*

The Evans House   -   CHT 19
  on Nashville St (GA 2) at Guyler St , Ringgold, GA  WMADMN    P*

The Napier House   -   GHM 023-11
  Burning Bush and Redbelt Rds, 1/4 mi from Red Belt Church WM2MQ0    P*

The second day begins   -    
  On Battle Ln, near Alexander Bridge Rd. WMAD0V    P*

The Whitman House   -   GHM 023-10
  At the Anderson house, 309 Tennessee St, Ringgold WM2MTQ    P*

Trail of Tears Memorial at Old Stone Presbyterian Church   -    
  At the Old Stone Church on Ga 2 just east of US 41 at Tiger Creek WM6Q0K    P*

War comes to the Brotherton's   -    
  At the old Brotherton cabin on Lafayette Hwy (US 27) at Brotherton Rd. WMAD0X    P*

Western & Atlantic Depot   -   GHM 023-8
  At the depot on US 41 in Ringgold WMZNA    P*

Wilder's defense   -    
  At the Winders brigade monument on Vittetoe Chickamauga Rd. WMAD12    P*


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