Carroll County (022)

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Carroll County was created on June 9, 1825.

The county seat is in Carrollton, GA.,
and the county is 503.9 Square Miles in area.

  FIPS Code: 13045

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There are 26 Historic Markers in Carroll County.

1906-1956 Fullerville Jail   -    
  at the old jail, 250 feet east of Rockmark Road (Ga 61), Fullerville, GA   

Adamson Square   -    
  Adamson Square, Carrollton, GA WMZTAX      

Bank of Villa Rica   -    
  208 Bankhead Highway (US 78), Villa Rica, GA   

Blue Star Memorial   -    
  in Hillcrest Cemetery, Bankhead Hwy (GA-61/US-78) & Hillcrest Dr., Villa Rica, GA WMZWRP      

Carrollton   -    
  412 Adamson Square, Carrollton, GA WMZT5V      

Charles Carroll of Carrollton   -   GHM 022-1
  Courthouse, Newnan and Dixie Streets, Carrollton WM3RR9    P*

Council Bluffs Treaty 11 December 1821   -    
  at McIntosh House in McIntosh Reserve, W McIntosh Cir off of Ga. 5 WM50TA    P*

Dixie Street From 1865   -    
  1 block SE of courthouse on Dixie Street at West Ave in Carrollton. WM3R7N    P*

First "REA" Substation in Carroll County   -   EMC 
  At the power sub-station - Maple Street at western city limit, Carrollton WM3RDD    P*

Freedom Riders   -    
  106 S. Carroll Road, Villa Rica, GA   

Last Land in Georgia Ceded by the Creeks   -   GHM 022-2
  At the City Hall, City Hall Ave and Commerce St, Bowden WM3RDE    P*

McIntosh Reserve   -   GHM 022-3
  McIntosh grave in McIntosh Reserve, W McIntosh Cir off of Ga 5 WM50T9    P*

McIntosh Reserve - US 27A in Whitesburg - Replaced by new 022-3   -   GHM 022-3
  US 27A in Whitesburg   

Mcintosh Stone   -    
  Front College Dr (off Maple St) at West Georgia Collage, Carrollton, GA. WM4GE7    P*

Sacred Harp Singing   -   GHM 022-6
  SE corner of US 27/I-20 interchange at Holly Springs Church WM3RDH    P*

Site of Bowdon College 1857-1936   -   GHM 022-7
  Ga 166 (W. College St) at Bowden High School in Bowden WM3RDN    P*

Six Industrial Giants   -   GHM 022-5
  located at the City Hall at Tanner and Newton Sts, Carrollton, GA. WM3R7P    P*

The Grove   -    
  At 600 Tyson Rd (1/2 mile north of Flat Rock Rd.), Villa Rica WM3R7G    P*

The Mill   -    
  Amphitheater on N. Carroll Rd, Villa Rica, GA   

This Log House is Similar to the Home of Chief William McIntosh   -    
  on West McIntosh Circle, Whitesburg, GA   

Thomas A. Dorsey Father of Gospel   -   GHM 022-8
  US 78 at S. Dogwood Drive, Villa Rica WM3R7D    P*

Thomas Andrew Dorsey   -    
  Amphitheater on N. Carroll Rd, Villa Rica, GA   

Villa Rica Explosion   -   GHS 022-1
  Located in front of Berry's Pharmacy on U.S. Route 78 in downtown Villa Rica. WM3R6T    P*

Villa Rica's Textile Industry   -    
  209 Main St, Villa Rica, GA   

West Georgia College   -   GHM 022-4
  At Bonner House, Front College Dr (off Maple St), Carrollton   

Whatley Memorial Historic Park   -    
  On College View Street at Ellenwood Drive, Bowden, GA   


M  - The marker is missing.
P  - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page.
P* - There is a picture of the marker on the detail page and I have personally visited this marker.
R  - The marker has been removed.

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