Burke County (017)

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Burke County was created on Feb. 5, 1777.

The county seat is in Waynesboro, GA.,
and the county is 835.1 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13033

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There are 29 Historic Markers in Burke County.

Bark Camp Church   -   GHM 017-9A
  Ga 56 about 4 miles NE of Midville at Bark Camp Church Rd WM7V7V   

Bark Camp Church   -   DAR 
  Bark Camp Church Road, Midville, GA      

Bellevue Plantation   -   GHM 017-18
  Private Property WM7V93   

Botsford Church-1773   -   GHM 017-3
  GA 56 to Cates Mead Rd, R on Seven Oaks Rd, L on Botsford Church WM7VJ1   

Burke County   -   GHM 017-6
  Courthouse in Waynesboro, GA WM7VA8   

Burke County's 8 Governors   -   GHM 017-8
  Courthouse in Waynesboro, GA WM7W5F   

Cavalry Skirmish at Thomas' Station   -   GHM 017-15
  US 25/Ga 21 at Idlewild Rd WMNR46   

Dr. Lyman Hall   -   GHM 017-9B
  Ga 56 at McBean Creek and River Road   

First Presbyterian Church   -   GHM 017-4
  Williams and Myrick Streets, Waynesboro, GA, (east of US 25) WM7VDB   

Ivanhoe Plantation 1765   -    
  West Quaker Road, Waynesboro, GA WM7VDA   

Old Church   -   GHM 017-5
  Old Quaker Rd, about 6 mi S of Waynesboro, 1/4 mi W of Ga 24   

Old Quaker Road   -   GHM 017-1
  Ga 24 at the Burke-Screven County line WM7WE0   

Old Quaker Road   -   GHM 017-2
  US 25 and Ga 24 junction in south part of Waynesboro, GA WM7VWP   

Original Site Sardis Baptist Church   -    
  on Old Sardis Road west of Cemetery St, Sardis, GA      

Pine Barren Crossroads   -    R-18
  at the intersection of Old Savannah Road and East Main Street (Georgia Route 56), Midville, GA      

Sardis Baptist Church   -   GHM 124-21
  At 1120 Pine Street, in Sardis W of Ga 24 WM7WDR   

Shell Bluff   -   WPA US 25 B-4
  Liberty & Seventh Streets, Waynesboro, GA, (N of courthouse) WM7VDA   

Sherman at Midville   -   GHM 017-11
  Ga 17 at Ga 305/Ga 56 in Midville, GA

Sherman's Left Wing   -   GHM 017-17
  Ga 24 at Alexander WM7VX0   

Site of Planters Electric Membership Corporation   -   EMC 
  Private Property WM7V8Z   

Skirmish at Ivanhoe Plantation   -    L-24
  West Quaker Rd 1.9 miles west of Cohen Rd., Waynesboro, GA      

Skirmish at Rocky Creek Church   -   GHM 017-13
  Ga 24 at Rocky Creek about 5 miles SW of Waynesboro, GA      

The 14th Corps at Lumpkin's Station   -   GHM 017-12
  1/2 mile east of US 25 at Munnerlyn, GA WM7W1G   

The Brier Creek Bridges   -   GHM 017-14
  Ga 56 about 4 miles northeast of Waynesboro at Brier Creek   

The Cavalry Actions at Waynesboro   -   GHM 017-16
  Junction of US 25 and Ga 24 in (south) Waynesboro, GA WM7VWR   

The J.D. Roberts Home   -    L-25
  536 South Liberty Street, Waynesboro, GA      

To Honor George Washington   -   DAR 
  South Liberty Street (U.S. 25) at West 6th Street (Georgia Route 80), Waynesboro GA 30830   

Washington's Southern Tour   -   GHS 017-1
  In front of Courthouse, Waynesboro, GA WM7VD8   

Waynesborough   -   GHM 017-10
  Courthouse in Waynesboro, GA WM7VD9   


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