Bulloch County (016)

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Bulloch County was created on Feb. 8, 1796.

The county seat is in Statesboro, GA.,
and the county is 688.9 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13031

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There are 51 Historic Markers in Bulloch County.

1790 Union Meeting House   -   UMC 14
  On Old River Road N, west of US 301, Statesboro, GA   

1804 New Hope Methodist Church   -   UMC 19
  9623 Ga Hwy 24, northeast of Statesboro , GA   

Akins' Mill Pond / The Families of Akins' Mill Pond   -    
  1601 Akins Pond Rd, Statesboro, GA   

Banks Dairy Farm   -    
  Banks Dairy Road NW of Nesmith Rd, Statesboro, GA   

Blue Star Memorial Highway   -   GCG 
  Ogeechee Technical Institute, US 301, south of Statesboro, GA WM7XV0   

Brooklet, Georgia   -    
  110 N. Parker St (just north of E. Lee St) in Brooklet, GA WMXWA3   

Bulloch County   -   GHM 016-2B
  at the courthouse, Statesboro, GA WM7XY3   

Croatan Indian Community   -   GHS 16-1
  on Adabelle Rd at US 301 WM4BBX   

Eastside Cemetery   -    
  Just inside the entrance to Eastside Cemetery, off the intersection of US 80 (Northside Drive at that point) and Turner St., Statesboro, GA   

Ed L. Smith -- H.W. Smith House   -    
  Statesboro , GA      

Excelsior and its Academy   -    
  Excelsior Church Road and Dutch Fork Road in Excelsior   

First Baptist Church of Statesboro   -    
  at church on U.S. 301, 2 blocks north of courthouse in Statesboro WM7ZHF   

First District Agricultural and Mechanical School   -    
  Marvin Pittman Adminstration Building on Sweetheart Circle on the Georgia Southern campus   

Greene S. Johnston House   -    
  Statesboro , GA      

Harville House   -    
  (on Private Property) Harville Road just north of G. W. Oliver Rd, Statesboro, GA   

John Abbot (1751-1839) Ornithologist,Entomologist, Artist   -   GHM 016-2A
  About 1 mile S of US 80 on Arcola Road WM7XQ4   

John Abbot 1751 - 1840   -    
  on McElveen Kendrick Pond Rd (County Route 358) 0.2 miles east of McElveen Cemetery Rd (County Route 357), Brooklet, GA   

M.M. Holland House   -    
  Statesboro , GA      

Marvin Summers Pittman 1882 - 1954   -    
  on the campus of Georgia Southern University. Marker is in this post office area: Statesboro GA WM7XR5   

Nevils Station & Shearwood Railroad   -    
  on Nevils-Groveland Road (County 584) at the intersection with Nevils-Denmark Rd, Nevils, GA   

Old Portal   -    
  US 80 at Old Portal Road, Portal, GA   

Old River Road   -   GHM 016-4
  On Ga 119 1/4 mi NE of junction with 119-C near Ivanhoe   

Old Savannah Road   -   GHM 016-5
  US 301 about 7 mi NE of Statesboro, 3/4 mile SE of Donegal WM7ZHP   

Pioneer Turpentining Experiment   -   GHM 016-8
  Ga 67 at Georgia Southern College in Statesboro. GA   

Preetorious Building   -    
  Statesboro , GA      

Register, Georgia   -    
  Main St at Railroad St, Register, GA   

Ridgon's Mill / The Rigdon Cemetery   -    
  At the the cemetery at Lakeview Road at Old Hardy Pond Road, Statesboro, GA   

Savannah & Statesboro Railway   -    
  on Gentilly Rd south of Brannen St, Statesboro, GA WMK2NX   

Sea Island Bank   -    
  Statesboro , GA      

Skirmish at Statesboro   -   GHM 016-7
  US 80/Ga 26 in the northwest edge of Statesboro, GA WM7ZHJ   

Statesboro Buggy & Wagon   -    
  Statesboro , GA      

Statesboro High School   -    
  at the high school, 10 Lester Rd, Statesboro, GA   

Statesboro Regional Public Library   -    
  Statesboro , GA      

Statesboro Sanatorium   -    
  Statesboro , GA      

Stilson, Georgia   -    
  Route 119C at Stilson Rd, Stilson, Georgia   

The Bank of Statesboro   -    
  Statesboro , GA      

The Fabulous Fifty of 1906 / The Delegates   -    
  Willie McTell Trail between East Main and East Vine Streets in Statesboro, GA   

The Georgia Theater   -    
  Statesboro , GA      

The March to the Sea   -   GHM 016-6
  at the courthouse, Statesboro, GA WM7XY6   

The Masonic Hall   -    
  Statesboro , GA      

The Old Statesboro Post Office   -    
  Statesboro , GA      

The Willow Hill School and Community   -    
  US 80 at Willow Hill Rd, Portal, GA

Union Meeting House (Organized 1790)   -   GHM 016-1
  1 US 301 7 miles NE of Statesboro at the Old Savannah Road WM7ZHR   

United States vs. Darby Lumber Company   -    
  Zetterower Avenue in Statesboro, GA

Upper Black Creek Church   -    
  Mud Road SW of Black Creek Church RD. WM7XR5   

Upper Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church   -    
  Mud Road SW of Black Creek Church RD. WM7XRN   

Upper Lotts Creek Primitive Baptist Church and Cemetery   -    
  on Rocky Ford Rd at Westside Rd, Portal, GA   

Vandy's Bar-B-Que   -    
  Statesboro , GA      

Willie McTell Trail   -    
  stands between the Willie McTell Trail and Railroad St, Statesboro, GA   

Willow Hill Elementary School for Negroes / A Georgia Equalization School   -   GHS 16-2
  4235 Willow Hill Road, Statesboro, GA WM4BBX   

World War II POW Camp   -    
  E Parrish St, Statesboro, GA   


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