Baldwin County (005)

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Baldwin County was created on May 11, 1803.

The county seat is in Milledgeville, GA.,
and the county is 267.5 Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 13009

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There are 59 Historic Markers in Baldwin County.

Alexis de Tocqueville   -    
  C-Span marker at E. Green and Jefferson Sts, Milledgeville, GA WM70B3   

Birthplace of Charles Holmes Herty (1867-1938)   -   GHM 005-10
  West Hancock Street in front of Georgia State College and University WM6ZZC   

Blue Star Memorial Highway   -   GCG 
  Hatcher Square Mall, US 441, Milledgeville, GA WM6ZYX   

Brown-Stetson-Sanford House   -   GHS 005-1
  W. Hancock St., Milledgeville, GA WM70GX   

Brown-Stetson-Sanford House   -   GHS 5-1
  at the intersection of West Hancock St (Georgia Route 49) and Jackson Street, on the right when traveling west on West Hancock Street.   

Campsite of Union Army   -   GHM 005-14
  Old River Bridge Rd at Ga 22/24, east of Oconee River WM70Q3   

Carl Vinson • Mary Green Vinson   -    
  S. Wilkinson Street and S. Clarke Street, Milledgeville Cemetery, Milledgeville, GA      

Cedar Lane Cemetery   -    
  On Lawrence Rd at Central Shop Rd, Milledgeville, GA   

Cemetery Square   -   GHM 005-28
  South Liberty and West Franklin Streets, Milledgeville, GA

Cobb's Quarter, Sherman's Campsite   -   GHM 005-12
  2 Old Monticello Rd and Nelson Rd, about 6 miles NW of Ga 22 WM6ZYM   

DeSoto In Georgia   -   GHM 005-30
  Hancock St W of Wilkinson St at Tourism Office, Milledgeville, GA WM702N   

Dr Charles Holmes Herty Statesman - Chemist   -    
  on West Handcock St, Milledgeville, GA      

Dr. Charles Holmes Herty   -    
  behind the metal marker but inside the boundaries of the college. In a small park like area under the magnolia trees. WM6ZZJ   

Drs. Henry Dawson and Edwin Whitaker, Allen, Brothers   -   PFCBC 
  West Hancock Street on the campus of State College and University in front of the building with the clock tower. WM6ZZT   

Executive Mansion --
  -   GHM 005-3
  N Clark and W Hancock Sts, Milledgeville, GA   

Flannery O'Connor's Andalusia Farm   -   GHS 5-3
  2628 North Columbia St, Milledgeville, GA WM6ZZ2   

Fort Defiance   -   DAR 
  at the intersection of South Jefferson Street and East Hancock Street (Georgia Route 22/24), Milledgeville, GA   

Fort Wilkinson   -   GHM 005-23
  At Vinson Highway and Fort Wilkinson Dr, Milledgeville, GA WM70Q8   

Fort Winston   -   DAR 

Georgia State Penitentiary   -    L14
  231 West Hancock Street, Milledgeville, GA      

Georgia's Secession Convention   -   GHS 5-4
  Old Statehouse, Greene St, Milledgeville, GA   

Howell Cobb Plantation   -   GHM 005-17
  Old Monticello Rd and Nelson Rd, about 6 miles NW of Ga 22 WM6ZYH   

In Commemoration of Marquis De Lafayette   -   DAR 
  on the grounds of the Old State Capital, Milledgeville, GA. WM4G9F   

In Commemoration of the Planning and Layout of Milledgeville   -   DNR 
  in the median of N. Jefferson St. just north of the E. Hancock St. intersection. WM70HK   

In Commemoration of the Safeguarding of the Great Seal   -   DNR 
  in the lawn of the building across the street from the courthouse in Milledgeville, GA WM7008   

Jarrett Springs   -    
  on North Wayne St. near West Thomas St., Milledgeville, GA      

John Clark House   -   GHM 005-4
  Ga 243 below junction with US 441 south of Milledgeville, GA WM70QB   

Junction of 20th and 14th Corps   -   GHM 005-13
  Ga 22 at junction with Ga 212 WM6ZYQ   

Masonic Temple of Benevolent Lodge No. 3 F.& A.M.   -   F. & A. M. 
  on Masonic building at N. Wayne & East Hancock Sts, Milledge WM4G9Y   

Milledgeville State Hospital   -   GHM 005-24
  In front of Powell Building, State Hospital, Milledgeville, GA WM70QA   

Montpelier   -   GHM 005-7
  Ga 22/24 just west of where they split, east of Oconee River WM70Q6   

Old Fort Fidius (1793-1797)   -   GHM 005-5
  Ga 22/24 at King St, 1/4 mile east of the Oconee River WM70HW   

Old Fort Wilkinson   -   DAR 
  Rock Hill Road east of Vinson Highway (County Route 112), Milledgeville, GA      

Old Garrison Trail   -   GHM 005-6
  Ga 49 west of Milledgeville at Allen Memorial Drive   

Old Governor's Mansion   -   GHM 005-1B
  South Clark St south of Hancock St, Milledgeville, GA WM4G97   

Old Oglethorpe University   -   GHM 005-21
  Ivey Drive at Allem Memorial Drive, Milledgeville, GA WMNPYD   

Old State Bank   -   GHM 005-9
  E Greene and S Wilkinson Sts, Milledgeville, GA   

Old State Capitol   -   GHM 005-1A
  West Hancock and Jefferson Streets, Milledgeville, GA WM4G99   

Provost Guard Campsite   -   GHM 005-16
  6 East Greene Street at Jefferson Street, Milledgeville, GA WM4155

Rear Admiral John W. Wilcox   -    
  Memory Hill Cemetery on Liberty St, Milledgeville, GA      

Route of Gen. Kilpatrick's Cavalry   -   GHM 005-15
  5 US 441 at junction with Ga 243 at Scottsboro WMNPVD   

Route of the Twentieth Corps   -   GHM 005-11
  West Greene and North Jackson Streets, Milledgeville, GA WM70B9   

Sacred Heart Catholic Church   -   GHM 005-26
  East Hancock and Jefferson Streets, Milledgeville, GA WM4G9B   

Site of Fort Defiance   -   DAR 
  in the median of West Hancock and Jefferson Streets, Milledgeville, GA. WM4GA4   

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church   -   GHM 005-8
  South Wayne Street at Washington Street, Milledgeville, GA WM702X   

State College   -   GHM 005-29
  North Clark St south of Montgomery St, Milledgeville, GA WM6ZZ9

State House Square   -    L16
  201 East Greene Street, Milledgeville, GA      

Statehouse Square   -   GHM 005-19
  South Wayne and East Greene Streets, Milledgeville, GA WM4G9R   

The Allen Strain   -    
  front of the old Baldwin County Courthouse, West Hancock Street, Milledgeville, GA      

The Great Seal of Georgia   -   GHM 005-20
  Courthouse, Hancock and Wilkinson Streets, Milledgeville, GA WM6ZZZ   

The March to the Sea   -   GHM 005-18
  North Clark St south of W. Montgomery St, Milledgeville, GA WMNPYX   

The Methodist Church   -   UDC 
  between S. Wilkinson Street and S. Clarke Street, Milledgeville's Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville, GA      

The Milledgeville Hotel and Oliver Hardy   -   GHS 5-2
  At Greene and Wayne St, Milledgeville, GA. WM4G9K   

The Old Governor's Mansion   -    L14
  120 South Clarke Street, Milledgeville, GA      

The Rock Landing   -   GHM 005-22
  Ga 22/24 at King St, 1/4 mile east of the Oconee River WM70HY   

The Unknown Soldiers of Brown Hospital   -    
  between S. Wilkinson St and S. Clarke St, East Section E, of Memory Hill Cemetery,      

Tom's Ford   -   DAR 

Tomlinson Fort House   -   GHM 005-25
  South Liberty and West Greene Streets, Milledgeville, GA WMNPYB   

Troup-Clark Political Feud   -   GHM 005-27
  Jefferson Street at East Greene St, Milledgeville, GA WM4153   


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