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Historic Markers Across Georgia

The Civil War in Georgia as told by its historic markers.


One of the challenges with building this site was how to organize the almost 3,000 Historic markers within the state of Georgia. The first step was to identify all of the historic markers dealt with the Civil War. There are approximately X number of markers that relate to the Civil War or have information about the events and people of that time.

When you first enter the site you a place to what I call the "event list" page. This page contains the subject line of all events that this site attempts to describe, and the beginging date of the event when appropriate. These events are divided into three major sections. The events that occurred prior to the Atlanta campaign (1861 - Feburary 24, 1864), the Atlanta campaign (Feburary 1864 - November 1864), and the events that occurred after the Atlanta campaign.

The markers that do not describe a particular battle or event relating to a battle are all grouped under the major section of "After the Atlanta Campaign". The major part portion of this are those historic markers that designate the Civil War Military Cemeteries, and a broad category of other.

Navigating the site

When you first entered the site you will be placed on a page that lists all of the events that this site described. Once you select a specific event you will be placed on the detailed event page. It the top of the page are drop-down menus that will allow you to navigate within the site itself. There are also menus that will take you to other portions of the website and a menu for contact and general information.

For event that occur on multiple days, such as Sherman's March to the Sea, you'll be provided with additional navigation tools on the page. These tools are located to the right of the map that displays the location of each historic marker. The tool provides three options.

  • ALL - This is the default and will, displays all markers that occurred within the range of dates.
  • Start To Date Selected - this option allows you to display all of the markers with dates ranging from the first day of the event to the date you have selected in the drop down box and the bottom of the tool.
  • Single Day. - this option will display only the date you have selected in the drop down box and the bottom of the tool.

The final section of this tool is a drop-down box it displays the dates that are contained on all of markers that are displayed on the detailed event page. Once you have selected your option and ending date, click on the "submit query button".

You'll notice in the top at the tool is a box that tells you which option you have selected and the start and end dates of all of markers that will be displayed on the map.

Blue Boards on the map

As you zoom in and out on the map or reposition the map you'll notice that the borders on the edges of the map may turn blue. A blue border indicates that there is a marker off to that side of the map.

Marker icon colors

There are four colors for the icons representing historic markers on this webpage.

  • Blue, a blue icon indicates that the historic marker refers to Federal forces.
  • Gray, a gray on icon indicates that the historic marker refers to Confederate forces.
  • Red, icon indicates that the historic marker refers to both the Federal and Confederate forces. Note a red icon may or may not refer to a battle, it only indicates that the text of the marker makes references to both the Federal and Confederate forces.
  • Yellow, a yellow icon indicates specific historic markers that may or may not be related to the Civil War. An example of a yellow marker is the historic marker for the "Zero Milepost" in downtown Atlanta. The zero milepost marker indicates the center of Atlanta during the Civil War, so this marker is shown on many maps so as to indicate the actual center of Atlanta during this time period.

Marker Titles on left of page

On the far left of each page will be a list of all of the markers displayed on the map for t particular event. When you click home the title of the marker on the left-hand side this will calls the information pop-up window for that specific historic marker to display.

Marker titles at bottom of the page

At the bottom of event at each detailed event page there is a second list of all of the markers displayed on this detailed page. Each of these is a link to the "Historic Markers Across Georgia" portion of this website. Here you'll see the same information that was displayed in pop-up boxes on this page as well as some additional information.

The pop up box when you click on a marker

If you click on the icon for a marker, or the title of the marker located on the left side of the webpage, an information box will display for the marker that you have selected. Within this information box or two tabs, the first tab is titled "text" and will display the title of the marker and the text of the marker. The second tab is titled "info", or information, and displays the number of the marker if there was one, a location for the marker, and the latitude and longitude of that marker.


The map will only display markers that I have the latitude and longitude for.