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The Battle of Atlanta

Beginning on 1864/07/22 and ending 1864/07/22

The Battle of Atlanta (also known as the Battle of Decatur) was a battle of the Atlanta Campaign fought during the American Civil War on July 22, 1864, just southeast of Atlanta, Georgia. Continuing their summer campaign, the Military Division of the Mississippi, commanded by William T. Sheh Sherman, to seize the important rail and supply center of Atlanta, Union forces overwhelmed and defeated Confederate forces defending the city. Despite the implication of finality in its name, the battle occurred mid-way through the campaign and the city would not fall for another six weeks. [1] During the battle, Union Major General James B. McPherson and Confederate Major General William H. T. Walker where killed in action.



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Historic Markers Across Georgia - Civil War in GA

The Battle of Atlanta

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The Battle of Atlanta
Part of the Atlanta Campaign

Source: Hell´s Broke Loose in Georgia; P 163
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Date July 22, 1864
Location Fulton County, Georgia
Result Union victory - Confederate force retreat in to the fortifications of Atlanta.
Flag of Confederate States of America CSA (Confederacy)
John Bell Hood
Forces Engaged
Army of Tennessee
Casualties and losses[1]


Ponder House
Confederate defensive works around Atlanta, GA, 1864
Ponder House (click to enlarge)


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