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Battle of Peachtree Creek

Beginning on 1864/07/20 and ending 1864/07/20

The Battle of Peachtree Creek was fought in Georgia on July 20, 1864, as part of the Atlanta Campaign in the American Civil War. It was the first major attack by Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman´s Union army on the defenses of Atlanta. The main armies in the conflict were the Union Army of the Cumberland, commanded by Maj. Gen. George Henry Thomas, and the Confederate Army of Tennessee, commanded by Lt. Gen. John B. Hood. Peachtree Creek was the first battle fought by Hood as commander of the Army of Tennessee.




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Historic Markers Across Georgia - Civil War in GA

The Battle of Peachtree Creek

Battle of Peachtree Creek
Part of the Atlanta Campaign

"Few battlefields of the war have been strewn so thickly with dead and wounded as they lay that evening around Collier's Mill." (Union Major Gen. J.D. Cox.)
Date July 20, 1864
Location Fulton County, Georgia
Result Union victory
Flag of Confederate States of America CSA (Confederacy)
John B. Hood
Forces Engaged
Army of Tennessee
Casualties and losses


 ◊  Confederate Order of Battle - Battle of Peachtree Creek.
 ◊  Union Order of Battle - Battle of Peachtree Creek.


The Battle of Peachtree Creek was the first of three desperate Confederate attacks on the armies commanded by Maj. General William T. Sherman which were closing in on Atlanta. Although heavy skirmishing occurred between the Federal right and the Confederate left, which extended west to Moore´s Mill Road, and other forces were engaged east of Atlanta, the actual battle was fought along a two - mile front extending from Clear Creek (east of Brookwood Hills) to Howell Mill Road along Collier and Northfleet roads, one of the most costly here along Tanyard Branch at Collier Mill. After 70 days of slow retreat Dalton (88 miles N.), forcing the enemy to fight for every mile, Gen. Joseph E. Johnston´s Confederate Army of Tennessee (Hardee´s, Hood´s and Stewart´s corp. and Wheeler´s cavalry corps) crossed the Chattahoochee River at Bolton late on July 9th and retires toward Atlanta. Although Atlanta was encircled by 12 miles of forts and parapets which Sherman termed "unassailable", Johnston was not ready to use them. He watched closely for the time when Sherman's stronger forces would cross upriver to approach Atlanta beyond mutual support. Now he sensed that Sherman left wing would cross upriver to approach Atlanta from the east while his right wing crossed near Peachtree Creek. While they were miles apart, he planned to attack the exposed right wing.

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