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Action at Marietta, Ruff's Mill and Smyrna

Beginning on 1864/07/01 and ending 1864/07/04

On July 1, 1864, the 23rd Army Corp seized a position at the Moss House (Floyd Station). This placed the 23rd AC closer to the Chattahoochee River than the Confederates at Kennesaw. The Confederate forces under General Johnston withdrew from their Kennesaw Line the night of July 2-3 and took up a new position at a double line of breastwork, prepared in advance, running from the old Smyrna Camp Ground [1]east of the R.R. From this point, the Confederate line ran east to Nickajack Creek, south of Ruff´s Mill. Maj. Gen. William W. Loring's Corp on the right, Leiut. Gen. William J. Hardee Corp. held the center and Leiut. Gen. John B. Hood's Corp the left. This line become known as the Smyrna-Ruff Mill line.[2]

On July 4th, 1864, the 4th AC, commanded by Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard (USA), attackd the confederate forces east of the rail line in Smyrna but failed to break the Confederate line.[3] Concurrent with this attack, Brig. Gen. John Fuller´s Brigade (USA), 4th division of the 16th AC, attacked Gen. Hood´s Corps (CSA) along Nickajack creek. This attack also failed. Later on the 4th, Gen. Fuller´s (USA) men, supported by Brig. Gen. Thomas W. Sweeny´s (USA) 2nd division succeeded in capturing the first line of breastworks.[4] Maj. Gen. Francis P. Blair´s, 17th AC of the Army of the Tennessee (USA) was also able to drive Maj. Gen. Gustavus Smith (CSA) Georgia Militia and Brig. Gen. L.S. Ross´ (CSA) Texas Cavalry Brigade back toward Smyrna. With his left threatened, General Johnston (CSA) was forced to retreat to a prepared position west of the Chattahoochee at the Railroad Crossing.


On July 5, 1864, Brig. Gen. Kenner Garrard´s Calvary (USA) reached Willeo Creek and camped for the night. A detachment of the 7th PA Calvary force the Confederates defending Roswell to retreat. The Confederate troops fall back across the Chattahoochee River, burning the bridge behind them. The Pennsylvania Calvary then burned the cotton and woolen factories at Roswell. On the 6th, a regiment is sent to burn the Soap Creek Paper Mill.[6]



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Historic Markers Across Georgia - Civil War in GA

Action at Marietta, Ruff's Mill and Smyrna




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