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Battle of Chickamauga

Beginning on 1863/09/18 and ending 1863/09/20

Control of this strategic city of Chattanooga, TN, was the goal. A brilliant Union advance, led by Gen. William S. Rosecrans, forced the Confederates to abandoned Chattanooga in early September, 1863. Soon after, however, the reinforced Confederate army under Gen. Braxton Bragg maneuvered to bring Rosecrans to battle before his Union troops could cement their grasp of Chattanooga. The result was the two day Battle of Chickamauga, 8 miles south of Chattanooga, in which 34,000 Americans became casualties. While the battle was a spectacular Confederate victory, the Union army managed to retreat into Chattanooga and fortify it, maintaining their hold on the goal of the campaign.



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Historic Markers Across Georgia - Civil War in GA

The Battle of Chickamauga

Battle of Chickamauga
Part of the Chickamauga Campaign

Battle of Chickamauga (lithograph by Kurz and Allison, 1890).
Date September 19-20, 1863
Location Catoosa County and Walker County, Georgia
Result Confederate Victory
Flag of Confederate States of America CSA (Confederacy)
Braxton Bragg
Forces Engaged
Army of Tennessee
approx. 60,000
approx. 65,000
Casualties and losses

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