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My Baby is a Diabetic

It is impossible to describe the appearance of my child to anyone who didn't know him before he became sick. He was the picture of health - as sturdy a child as you will find. He had bright, shining, blue eyes, rosy cheeks and a constant smile on his face. Within four weeks, he was changed to a thin, anemic looking baby who didn't have the strength to smile - who was lifeless and cross.

His grandparents and all our friends were deeply concerned over his appearance and behavior. How a doctor could look at him and say he was alright, will always be a mystery to me.

I talked to the doctor again, telling him we simply were not satisfied with the baby's progress. He again assured me that when Byron started eating again, he would pick up his lost weight in a few days and be perfectly alright. I told him again that be was eating fine, and he suggested he be given a mild laxative, and to check with him again in a couple of days. He was given a laxative and the next day he actually seemed a little brighter. I thought to myself that after all, maybe that was what he needed - just a simple laxative. However, a day later, he was back in the same lifeless state.

The next night Byron seemed even worse than usual. I called a neighbor who is a nurse and asked if she would give him a shot of penicillin. She agreed to give the shot, if it was alright with his doctor. I checked with the doctor, and he told me if it would make me feel any better to go ahead, but it would not help Byron as he didn't have any infection. I believe by this time he thought I was simply an overanxious mother, looking for trouble where there was none.

Byron was given the shot and seemed to rest better that night. We had the doctor out again the next day. After checking this time, he said Byron had a throat infection. He gave him a shot of penicillin and said to check with him the next day. I talked to him again - the same routine - give him a few more days and he will be alright. He recommended fresh air and sunshine for his coloring.

The next day I carried him out for the first time in two weeks. We went visiting across the street. Within ten minutes, he seemed to collapse in my arms. His face turned very red, his eyes drooped and he seemed almost unconscious. I rushed him home, where he immediately fell asleep. I called the doctor and told him I wanted something done immediately - there must be some tests he could make to determine what was wrong.

By this time I was frantic with worry. I could visualize almost any and every disease known. I was sure he had muscular dystrophy, leukemia or one of the muscle destroying diseases.

The doctor agreed to make a blood test the next day. After discussing this with my husband, we decided to change doctors.

Dr. Hoppe was called and after giving him the history of Byron's illness, an appointment was made for him to completely check the baby. Hemoglobin was made and Dr. Hoppe said his blood coloring was pretty good although he was anemic. His right ear was badly infected, almost ruptured, and his sinus tract also badly infected. The doctor told us the child had definitely been under treated, but that he was not going to over treat him. Byron was given a combiotic shot (combination of Penici11in and streptomycin) and also a prescription for penicillin drops for his sinus infection. As the next day was Thanksgiving and the office would be c1osed, Dr. Hoppe asked that we bring in a urine specimen two days later.

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