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Riverside, CA

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Fast Facts

Founded: 1870s Population: 303,871 Time Zone: -8
Latitude: 33.95 N Longitude: 117.40 W Altitude: 827 ft
Average High: 79.9 Average Low: 52.2 Annual Precipitation: 10.22


Riverside, California was founded on the banks of the Santa Ana River by John W. North and Dr. James P. Greves in the 1870. In the early 1870, orange tree where planted and flourished. Today Riverside is recognized and the birthplace of the California citrus industry. Riverside was laid out as a mile square townsite. In 2010 the city spanned 81 square miles and has a population of 303,871. It is located in Riverside County and is the county seat.

  2010 U.S. Census Demographic Profile about Riverside, CA.

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