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Portales, NM

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Fast Facts

Founded: 1909 Population: 12,280 Time Zone: -7
Latitude: 34.18 N Longitude: 103.34 W Altitude: 4,025 ft
Average High: 73.9 Average Low: 42.8 Annual Precipitation: 17.17



Portales, New Mexico, is the county seat of Roosevelt County, New Mexico. The town has a total area of 6.9 square miles and its population in July 2009 was 12,182. Portales is home to over 40 dairies and is a major producer and exporter of dairy products and is the US leading producer of Certified Organic peanut butter. Eastern New Mexico University is located in Portales, NM.

  2010 U.S. Census Demographic Profile about Portales, NM.

  2010 U.S. Census Demographic Profile about NM.


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